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Summer Tyres

Firehawk SZ90µ
Buy cheap Firestone Firehawk SZ90µ tyres from your local Setyres
  • Genuine all-weather performance
  • Superb steering response and precision
  • Dynamic, sporty look

1. CENTER GROOVE 3D TIE BAR - A specially designed connection between the centre blocks on the tyre, improve block stiffness whilst also effectively dispersing water. This offers maximum control and traction when cornering.

2. NEW "µ" SHOULDER BLOCK – The high stiffness of the blocks provide maximum cornering and control. The steering response in dry conditions is clearly evident when using this tyre. It also offers optimum traction for controlled and effective braking.

TZ300 α
Buy cheap Firestone TZ300 α tyres from your local Setyres
  • High levels of safety and comfort
  • Robust, reliable performance
  • Modern, stylish design

1. TUNED TYRE STIFFNESS – The soft sidewall combined with the tyre radial stiffness, gives great comfort and damping. The optimized tyre construction means a good ride is evident and handling performance is enhanced.

2. SMOOTH WATER EVACUATION – The longitudinal main grooves included on this tyre, combine with long lateral shoulder grooves in the tread pattern. This gives efficient water drainage and balanced contact pressure distribution. The dynamic tread block edges minimise water resistance and further improve straight and corner aquaplaning.

3. HIGH SHOULDER TRACTION BLOCKS – The edges of this tyre offer a maximum biting effect in a longitudinal direction, which gives optimum braking and traction. The shoulder tie bar means reduced noise and increased resistance to irregular wear.

Multihawk 2
Buy cheap Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres from your local Setyres
  • Subtle, elegant design
  • Comfortable, smooth and super-quiet
  • Reliable braking performance

INCREASED TREAD BLOCK STIFFNESS – A reduced amount of sipes in the centre of the tread enable better dry handling and better braking performance. This also adds strong resistance to centre wear.

ROUNDER SHAPE BLOCKS – Increased water drainage means improved aquaplaning and also contributes to the modern design of this tyre.

3D - BRIDGE SHOULDER BLOCK CONNECTION – Block stiffness tuning means good and clear water evacuation is evident. The bridge shoulder block connection enables resistance to heel and toe wear.

TUNED VOID-RUBBER RATIO – This tyre offers a balance of wet and dry performance because of the increase in silica included in the compound. Contact pressure is distributed evenly thanks to the block shape and the width of the grooves.

Destination HP
Buy cheap Firestone Destination HP tyres from your local Setyres
  • Modern, sporty appearance
  • Good mileage for economy
  • High stability in wet & dry conditions

1. OPTIMISED GROOVES – Rapid water dispersal means more control and a boosted resistance to aquaplaning is evident.

2. CENTER GROOVE 3D TIE BAR – Improved block stiffness is evident without hindering water flow to enable better handling and braking.

3. ADVANCED CASING CONSTRUCTION – irregular wear is reduced as pressure is more evenly distributed. This tyre also delivers high level balanced performance, as a result of the casing construction.

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Winter Tyres

Winterhawk 3
Buy cheap Firestone Winterhawk 3 tyres from your local Setyres
  • Safer, steadier performance through rain and slush*
  • Reliable grip on everything from loose snow to icy surfaces
  • Vastly improved* wear resistance
*Compared to Firestone Winterhawk 2 Evo and Winterhawk 2v Evo

EDGE EFFECT – Multiple lamellen technology ensures this tyre really bites into ice and snow.

SURFACE FRICTION – Silica reinforced compounds maintain superlative grip and surface contact throughout a wide range of temperatures and conditions. NanoPro-Tech polymers keeps the tyre flexible during low temperature driving.

SNOW SHEAR FORCE – Maximum traction is maintained even on loose snow. The high number of blocks increases the grab and release of snow enhancing the handling in such conditions.

Buy cheap Firestone Winterforce tyres from your local Setyres
  • Studded tyre for extreme winter conditions
  • Confident braking, acceleration and handling
  • Superior grip on ice and compacted snow

TRUE GRIP ON SNOW AND ICE – Traction for confident braking in the most extreme conditions thanks to the high grip studs on the shoulders and ribs of this tyre.

MAXIMUM BITING EFFECT – Superior grip and a secure feel is evident from the high density of multi-angled sipes. These cover the entire contact patch to maximise the tyres biting effect.

PERFORMANCE ON WET AND SLUSH – The unidirectional tread pattern gives this tyre superior performance in the wet as well as in slushy conditions. The high void ratio delivers a superior shearing force to enhance grip and control.

Winterhawk C
Buy cheap Firestone Winterhawk C tyres from your local Setyres
  • High-traction tread design for outstanding winter performance
  • Advanced carcass design for guaranteed durability
  • Precise steering and handling in all winter conditions

HIGH VOLUME LUG GROOVES – Effective water drainage and fresh snow compression means excellent grip in difficult conditions.

TIE-BAR SUPPORT OF CENTRE LAMELLEN – Improved rigidity in the tyre structure increases stability, performance and increases the tyre life for high usage vans.

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4X4 Tyres

Buy cheap Firestone ATX tyres from your local Setyres
  • Extra wide tread for traction and flotation
  • Shoulder voids for improved grip and traction
  • Extra deep tread gives longer tyre life
  • Tyre uniformity and high speed durability
  • Steel belted

Specially designed for maximum flotation, the patterned tread allows this tyre to roll over loose surfaces without losing any of its powerful traction. The steel belt-protected radial construction makes this tyre very tough and long lasting.

When used on road, the ATX gives drivers a smooth and silent performance. Offering excellent grip and great carrying capacity. Maximum contact patch for on road use improves traction and positive handling.

The straight sidewall gives positive and direct steering response without sacrificing ride comfort. This also helps to prevent sidewall damage for a longer tyre life.

Destination A/T
Buy cheap Firestone Destination A/T tyres from your local Setyres
  • Noise-cancelling sound waves to significantly reduce tyre noise on road surfaces.
  • Improved tread wear and resistance to cracking, chipping and tearing
  • Includes special long length carbon structure
  • Cap Ply provides a higher level of uniformity and high speed capability
  • Features a continuous nylon wrap

The Firestone Destination A/T is the SUV and light truck all terrain tyre for use on main streets as well as out in the bush. Featuring UNI-T technology, this tyre is built to adapt to travel in wet or dry weather and gives an extra measure of confidence in handling and braking on rainy days.

All terrain performance is complemented by added O-Bead technology that promotes a smooth and quiet ride. This feature improves uniformity and ride comfort through use of a single continuous strand of cable in the bead construction.

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