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Summer Tyres

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

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Specially engineered for super sports cars and ultra-high performance tuning

  • High stability at fast speeds
  • Optimum levels of grip
  • Exceptional performance in wet conditions

Designed to offer dynamic drivers the highest levels of safety without sacrificing performance, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport delivers in the most demanding conditions. Its variable contact patch means that the amount of rubber that remains in contact with the road, even whilst cornering and accelerating, does not change. This results in a constantly optimised grip and a safer driving experience.

In addition, the use of the innovative ‘Twaron Belt’ unique to Michelin ensures greater levels of stability at high speeds. This is because the variable tension of the belt grips the centre of the tread tightly and works to distribute forces more evenly, resulting in a more controlled ride.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4

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Designed for sports vehicles and dynamic drivers

  • Excellent steering control
  • High levels of safety in wet conditions
  • Adapts to changing road conditions offering supreme levels of roadholding

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 has been designed with a brand new compound exclusive to Michelin which includes a unique blend of ‘functional elastomers’ and hydrophobic silica. This combined with deep, wide directional grooves provides a superior wet performance as the tyre is able to offer rapid water dispersal and high levels of grip, hugely reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Furthermore, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 has been designed using a wealth of motorsport experience and features an ultra-reactive tread pattern design which adapt continuously to the road. This results in superior roadholding capabilities.

Michelin Pilot Sport 3

Buy cheap Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres from your local Setyres

For sport-orientated vehicles and high-powered saloons
For enhanced driving sensations

  • Better road holding in bends and three metres shorter braking distance then predecessor
  • More driving pleasure: Very precise steering acclaimed by car manufacturers [when used as OE]
  • Energy efficiency combined with remarkable tyre mileage: Proven from results in 15 consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour victories

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 has an optimised profile, which enables it to cut through deep standing water, whereas other tyres may suffer from aquaplaning. The revolutionary rubber compound enables the combination of excellent wet grip with fuel savings and high mileage.

The Michelin Pilot sport 3’s The "GREEN X" marking on the Michelin Pilot sport 3 sidewall indicates that it has one of the best energy efficiency levels on the market.

Michelin Pilot Sport 2

Buy cheap Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for vehicles with the highest performance
Inspired by our experience in Formula One

  • Inspired by our experience in Formula One
  • The reference tyre for Porsche
  • The quickest tyre on the market

The Michelin Pilot Sport 2 offers excellent handling due to the Variable Contact Patch. The tyre tread in contact with the road increases as cornering forces increase, enhancing driver control.

The groove to rubber ratio is similar to that of an F1 tyre with an extremely stable tread pattern. The stability means deformation is resisted under the forces of cornering.

The asymmetric tread pattern results in great wet performance without compromising performance in the dry.

Michelin Primacy 3

Buy cheap Michelin Primacy 3 tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for high performance and luxury vehicles

  • This superior summer tyre represents the perfect combination of safety, longevity and comfort
  • Excellent braking capabilities on wet and dry surfaces
  • Superior cornering performance

Constructed with a new and unique tread pattern, the Michelin Primacy 3 offers greater gripping capabilities, resulting in shorter braking distances on all surfaces. This is because the entire tread block surface maintains optimum contact with the road and this enables the tyre to retain control.

In addition, this tyre can handle wet conditions with ease due to the use of auto-blocking sipes. As well as enhancing grip on wet surfaces, these sipes provide excellent traction in wet summer conditions.

Michelin Primacy HP

Buy cheap Michelin Primacy HP tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for high performance and luxury vehicles
The most popular high performance range for vehicle manufacturers

  • The most popular high performance range for vehicle manufacturers
  • Recognised longevity
  • Shorter braking distance on wet roads
Michelin Elasto Sport Technology

The supple construction of the Michelin Primacy HP, means as much rubber as possible is placed in contact with the road. Alongside a stable tread pattern the tyre ensures even wear, long tyre life and better wet handling and braking.

Michelin Elasto Sport Technology

The Michelin Primacy HP sports an innovative tread compound combining Elasto Sport and Full Silica properties. These elements ensure better road holding and braking in the wet.

Michelin Energy E-V

Buy cheap Michelin Energy E-V tyres from your local Setyres

The first Michelin range designed exclusively for electric vehicles

  • High levels of stability and control
  • Excellent grip on both wet and dry roads
  • Reduced rolling resistance

Designed for electric vehicles, the Michelin Energy E-V has been approved for use on the Renault Zoe. Awarded an ‘A’ for wet grip by the EU Tyre Label, this tyre offers superior levels of grip and stability in all summer conditions. This is due to the use of self-locking sipes within the tread pattern and a multi-polymer tread compound.

Constructed with 40% more lateral blocks than the Energy Saver +, this tyre offers less exterior noise, resulting in a quiet and comfortable ride. In addition, the Michelin Energy E-V provides outstanding energy savings as its tread is able to flatten out effortlessly against the surface of the road which reduces rolling resistance and saves energy.

Michelin Energy Saver +

Buy cheap Michelin Energy Saver + tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for city cars, MPVs and family cars

  • Save up to 60 litres of fuel compared to predecessor
  • Outstanding longevity
  • Excellent safety

The Michelin Energy Saver + tyre offers increased safety by sporting a 10% larger footprint than its predecessor. This means better contact with the road and excellent grip and control.

The new patented Eco ‘N’ Grip technology uses a tread compound with improved molecular cohesion to reduce heat build up, increasing fuel savings and increasing longevity.

The Michelin Energy Saver + has added a special under-tread layer which contains very low rolling resistance polymers to reduce fuel consumption.

Michelin Pilot Exalto

Buy cheap Michelin Pilot Exalto tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for the sports and roadster segment

  • Excellent road holding when cornering
  • Outstanding grip
Michelin Tight Bend Technology

Michelin Pilot Exalto has equipped production versions of rally cars from its launch. The new rubber compound has been developed with adhesion and longevity maximised technology.


Michelin Longitudinal Grooves Technology

Water dispersal is maximised by an asymmetric tread pattern with a variable groove to rubber ratio across the tread.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

Buy cheap Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for vehicles with the highest performance for road and track use

  • The quickest tyre on a dry circuit
  • Fitted as original equipment on the Porsche 911, GT2, GT3 and BMW M3

Michelin Tread Pattern Technology

Full silica compound to optimise wet grip on the interior of the tyre. Wider grooves and additional sipes on the exterior of the tyre tread for improved aquaplaning performance.

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Winter Tyres

Michelin Alpin 5

Buy cheap Michelin Alpin 5 tyres from your local Setyres

Safety and mobility even in severe weather conditions

  • For greater traction on snow
  • Increased number of tread blocks, more sipes and increased void ratio for greater resistance to aquaplaning
  • New orientation of the lateral grooves for enhanced steering precision
  • Self-locking tread blocks thanks to 3D sipes

The Michelin Alpin 5 features innovative tread compound technology to ensure best grip on wet and snowy surfaces, whilst still keeping a good level of energy efficiency. New functional elastomers ensure consistency with larger proportions of silica to achieve this. Hélio Compound 4G is also used in the compound. This contains sunflower oil making it possible for optimised tyre performance in low temperatures.

Michelin Pilot Alpin

Buy cheap Michelin Pilot Alpin tyres from your local Setyres

Cold weather tyres for high performance cars

  • Greater safety
  • Greater mobility
  • Greater control
  • Expertise of Michelin technology in tyre longevity and fuel saving

This tyre features a heavily grooved tread pattern with an increased number of ridges and sipes. These generate powerful braking and traction control in winter conditions. The 3rd generation of Heliocompound rubber mixture has been used in the construction of this tyre. This new rubber mixture is based on silica and also uses sunflower oil for better grip in cold weather. This maximum use of technology ensures greater grip on winter roads and more precise steering.

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All Season Tyres

Michelin CrossClimate

Buy cheap Michelin CrossClimate tyres from your local Setyres

Suitable for most passenger vehicles and capable to cope with every weather condition

  • Graded an ‘A’ for wet grip by the EU Tyre Label
  • Excellent braking capabilities in wet and dry conditions
  • Superior snow performance and high levels of traction in winter conditions

Thanks to an intelligent mix of new compounds, the Michelin CrossClimate offers an excellent performance in all year round weather conditions. In addition, this specialist compound also lowers rolling resistance making it more fuel efficient.

The Michelin CrossClimate provides an effective braking performance in all conditions thanks to its innovative association of bevel-edged tread blocks which firmly grip the surface of the road. In addition, higher-performing 3D sipes enable an enhanced performance on snow.

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4x4 Tyres

Michelin Latitude Sport 3

Buy cheap Michelin Latitude Sport 3 tyres from your local Setyres

Acclaimed for its driving dynamics and safety

  • Homologation with most famous SUV models
  • Brakes 2.7m shorter than predecessor

Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tread Footprint Technology

+10% of tread footprint from the previous generation Michelin Latitude Sport, providing improved safety on the wet

Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Two-Ply Carcass Technology

The two-ply carcass ensures a high level of robustness for SUVs dedicated to 100% on-road usage.

Buy cheap Michelin Latitude Sport 3 tyres from your local Setyres

An innovative rubber compound for the tread block, made of a mix of silica and the latest generation of elastomers, offering an excellent level of mileage performance with no compromise on safety and fuel economy.

Michelin Latitude Tour HP

Buy cheap Michelin Latitude Tour HP tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for all road oriented 4x4 vehicles

  • Maximum comfort
  • Low rolling resistance to maximise fuel consumption
  • Approved by many vehicle manufacturers

Earth mover tyre technology included in the tyres compound to reduce wear from stone and gravel abrasion. This ‘Terrain Proof’ compound reduces wear on and off road. Ideal for multipurpose tracks, towing heavy laden vehicles, and hard road driving.

Michelin Latitude Tour HP StabiliGrip Technology

StabiliGrip allows the use of more sipes [giving better wet grip] whilst still giving tread block rigidity [improved driving precision]. StabiliGrip sipes are also specially positioned to reduce tyre noise.

Michelin Latitude Tour HP Casing Technology

A supple casing gives maximum contact to the road, combined with a rigid tread pattern ensures an even distribution of pressure across the whole contact patch. Result: optimum grip, especially on wet roads, and an even wear pattern for greater mileage.

Michelin Latitude Cross

Buy cheap Michelin Latitude Cross tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for multi-purpose and compact 4x4 vehicles, and pickups

  • Low noise levels
  • The traction of an off-road tyre with the comfort of an on-road tyre
  • Excellent mileage
Michelin Latitude Cross Traction Technology

Excellent traction on loose and slippery surfaces due to an aggressive shoulder design and large biting edges included in the tread design.

Michelin Latitude Cross Tread Technology

Curved tread block arrangement, specially designed to ensure maximum road contact.

Michelin Latitude Cross Tyre Technology

Earth mover tyre technology included in the tyres compound to reduce wear from stone and gravel abrasion. This ‘Terrain Proof’ compound reduces wear on and off road. Ideal for multipurpose tracks, towing heavy laden vehicles, and hard road driving.

Michelin Latitude Diamaris

Buy cheap Michelin Latitude Diamaris tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for high performance 4x4 vehicles

  • Exceptional handling on dry and wet road surfaces
  • Optimum road holding at high speeds
  • Low rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Construction Technology

Excellent directional control thanks to the wide central rib and superb handling thanks to a sports tyre construction. The asymmetric tread pattern enhances performance on dry and wet roads.

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tread Technology

The optimum compounds combined with the wide and heavily grooved pattern in the tyre tread, make for excellent braking and road holding.

Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2

Buy cheap Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2 tyres from your local Setyres

The cold weather tyre for all road orientated 4x4 vehicles

  • Enhanced levels of safety in difficult winter conditions
  • Greater levels of traction on snow and ice
  • Better handling in winter weather

Constructed with a heavily grooved tread pattern containing an increased number of ridges and sipes, the Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2 has enhanced gripping capabilities on wet, icy and snowy surfaces. This improves traction and braking, leading to a safer performance during winter.

In addition, the Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2 has been created with an innovative ‘Helio Compound 3G’ which contains silica and sunflower oil. This compound allows the tyre to retain its supple texture in freezing temperatures so traction is not sacrificed when temperatures drop.

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Van Tyres

Michelin Agilis

Buy cheap Michelin Agilis tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for utility vehicles and vans (Over 2.8 Tonnes GVW)

  • More economical to run
  • Safer in the wet
  • More robust than predecessors
Michelin Agilis Tyre Tread Design

Truck tyre design techniques has been adapted to Michelin Agilis tyre, to obtain a squarer tyre footprint. The tread block contact with the ground is better controlled in laden and high pressure conditions, which means less tread deformation for reduced fuel consumption. This combined with abrasion resistant rubber compounds, Michelin Agilis lasts even longer.

This new tread ingredient comes from car tyre technology. It maintains the rigidity of the tread rubber during the whole life of the tyre. Combined with a more stable tread pattern, wet braking is improved, mile after mile. The position of the 8 kerbing protectors has been calculated for optimum sidewall protection in all situations. Combined with a two-ply construction, the tyre's full mileage potential is easier to exploit.

Michelin Agilis Camping

Buy cheap Michelin Agilis Camping tyres from your local Setyres

Designed especially for motorhomes

  • Long tyre life
  • Robustness
  • Versatility (M+S* marked)
Michelin Agilis Camping Tread Technology

DCP (Durable Contact Patch) design technology is used in the Michelin Agilis camping, leading to a long lasting tyre capable of use over several seasons. A reinforced construction using two casing plies enables the use of higher inflation pressures to provide resistance to heavy loads (up to the tyre's rating). 8 kerbing protectors have been positioned on each sidewall to increase robustness.

The tread pattern consists of 30% more sipes and 20% more grooves than the standard Michelin Agilis. Combined with a rubber compound capable of operating over a wide temperature range, provides sufficient grip for occasional use in difficult conditions.

Michelin Agilis+

Buy cheap Michelin Agilis+ tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for smaller utility vehicles and vans

  • Car-like performance and driving pleasure
  • Excellent performance on all road surfaces
  • Comfort, long life and durability

The sidewall compound of the Michelin Agilis+ is made of a compound derived from truck tyre technology for abrasion resistance. 8 Kerbing protectors provide protection against sidewall damage. Silica included in the overall tyre compound improves wet grip and braking distance and reduced rolling resistance provides fuel efficiency.

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