All Season Tyres

When deciding which tyres you should buy for your vehicle you should consider the conditions in your area, your vehicle requirements and your driving style. This should help you to decide whether all season tyres or dedicated seasonal tyres are best for you.

All season tyres represent a compromise between summer and winter tyres, as the technology from each is combined to create a tyre which will be able to offer adequate performance in all year round weather conditions.

Why Buy All Season Tyres?

The main benefits of buying all season tyres is avoiding the cost and hassle of purchasing and storing two sets of tyres. This option is particularly attractive to motorists who would prefer to use the same set of tyres all year round and this is a safer option than using either winter or summer tyres in all conditions.

All season tyres can take you safely from harsh, winter conditions to dry, hot summer conditions, however, they will not excel in either. This is because they are constructed with a combination of summer and winter tyre technology and the resulting tyre will therefore offer a compromised performance.

How winter, summer and all season tyres react to different conditions

Performance in All Conditions

All season tyres are able to offer a satisfactory performance in all weather conditions thanks to their unique design.

Similarly to winter tyres, all season tyres are designed with an adequate amount of sipes which allow for decent traction on snow and ice, however, these sipes are thinner than those on winter tyres. This is because thinner sipes help all season tyres to offer resistance to aquaplaning in warm summer conditions.

Furthermore, all season tyres have a deeper tread depth than summer tyres and it is this low tread which enables summer tyres to offer high levels of performance when it comes to handling, braking and cornering. All season tyres can still offer adequate grip in summer conditions, however, the deeper tread is necessary so that all season tyres can offer safety and grip in winter conditions.

Dry, wet and snow braking distances with seasonal tyres

Are All Season Tyres for Me?

You should consider all season tyres if you do not have the ability to store two sets of dedicated seasonal tyres, as it is safer to use all season tyres all year round than it is to use summer tyres in winter or winter tyres in summer.

All season tyres are also a good choice for drivers who mainly make shorter journeys, live in urban areas and do not experience much variance in weather conditions across the year.

If you live in a rural area which is susceptible to snow and ice then fitting dedicated winter tyres to your vehicle may be the best option.

Similarly, if vehicle performance and safety is a priority for you when it comes to driving in mild weather, you may wish to consider investing in summer tyres.

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