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Situated across the South East of England, Setyres one of the UK’s largest tyre retailers.

We offer fully fitted tyres which can be fitted at your local Setyres branch. We also offer a 24 hour emergency mobile tyre fitting service.

Whether you’re searching for car, van, fleet, motorbike, high performance or 4x4 tyres we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of products both online and in all of our 20 fast fit auto centres.

Buying your new tyres from Setyres couldn’t be easier – simply search for your new tyres by size and we’ll show you the tyres required for your vehicle.

We stock a wide range of top brand tyres from premium brand to quality budget brands – so we’re confident that we’ll stock the right tyre for you at the right price. Find out which tyre manufacturers we stock.

Choosing new tyres can be confusing, with many types of tyres, manufacturers and tread patterns to choose from. Our guide to different tyre types will help you to make the right decision when buying new tyres.

​​EU tyre labels were introduced in 2012 to help consumers make more informed decisions when buying new tyres. They compare wet braking, fuel efficiency and noise pollution levels of all new tyres. Find out how the EU tyre label could help you.

We aim to make purchasing the right tyres at the right price as simple as possible so buying your new tyres from Setyres couldn’t be easier. Our quick and reliable tyre fitting service ensures you can be back on the road as soon as possible.

Secure your fitting time with your local Setyres branch today!

Take a look at our car tyre safety page for useful information and tips on how to properly maintain your car tyres. Visit your local Setyres branch for a FREE tyre safety check

Find out how using seasonal tyres could benefit your vehicle and driving experience. Find out more about summer tyres, winter tyres and all season tyres with our helpful guides.

Spare tyres are not a legal requirement and many vehicle manufacturers choose to supply a tyre repair kit instead of a spare tyre to save weight. Take a look at the options you can chose from to keep you moving if you do suffer tyre damage with our guide to spare tyres.

There are many elements to car tyres, many of which should be taken in to consideration when you come to purchase new tyres. Find out what you should be looking at in our helpful tyre glossary here.

Everything you need to know about your tyres is printed on the tyre sidewall – but do you know what it means? Read this helpful guide and learn how to read your tyre sidewall markings.