Tyre Manufacturers

At Setyres we stock tyres from the world’s leading manufacturers, ranging from premium to mid range and budget brands, we have tyres available for all customer budgets and driving requirements.

Over the years we have developed great relationships with the most popular tyre manufacturers in order to give our customers the most competitive prices.

We are proud to stock tyres from the following manufacturers; find out more about each brand and the tyres available from each:

Avon Tyres

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Avon Tyres is owned by the Cooper Tyre & Rubber Company. As a UK-based company, Avon has been making high quality tyres since 1904, for cars, motorbikes, vans and trailers. Read more...

Bridgestone Tyres

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Bridgestone’s development of technology is focused upon reliability, ecology and innovation. The passion of Bridgestone extends right through from sports-performance cars, to small and compact cars, making life safer and more fulfilling for customers everywhere. Read more...

Budget Tyres

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Here at Setyres we offer a range of budget tyres at great prices. Please contact your local branch for more details on the specific brands that make up our budget range and the availability of these tyres.

Continental Tyres

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Continental began production of automotive pneumatic tyres in 1898 and then in 1904 they unveiled the world's first automobile tyre with a patterned tread. As one of the world's leading and largest automotive companies, Continental operates more than forty plants and testing tracks across the world. Read more...

Continental are also renowned for their huge range of motorbike tyres, which are designed to provide high levels of safety and superior performance. Read more...

Dunlop Tyres

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Offering one of the most extensive ranges of tyres on the market, Dunlop focuses on innovative design. The brand has grown to be one the world's best known and respected tyre brands, developing a reputation as innovation pioneers since their beginning. Read more...

Dunlop also produce a range of tyres for motorbikes and scooters designed to offer performance and durability. <

Firestone Tyres

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Firestone is an American tyre company, founded in 1900 but has been owned by leading tyre manufacturer Bridgestone since 1988. Offering outstanding control, performance and comfort,
Firestone tyres honour the brands proud heritage, as well as its vision for the future. Read more...

Goodyear Tyres

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Goodyear is globally one of the most recognised leading tyre brands. Their 52 plants across 22 countries is a testament to their mission to deliver the highest quality tyres. The continued success of Goodyear can be seen through new tyre innovations and improvements. Read more...

Hankook Tyres

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Hankook have taken bold steps to establish themselves as a leading tyre manufacturer. As a market-driven company, Hankook offers brand value at their heart. Their drive for excellence is demonstrated by their Kontrol philosophy and technology; a combination of principles based on all aspects of the driving experience from safety to performance. Read more...

Michelin Tyres

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Recognised as the world's leading tyre manufacturer, MICHELIN Tyres aim is to strive towards a better future for its customers and employees, providing high standards in safety, longevity and security with their products. Read more...

Pirelli Tyres

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The drive and determination by Pirelli over the years have placed them firmly as a premium tyre manufacture and a household name. Pirelli have made incredible innovations in tyre technology and it is their continued determination to grow and evolve as a tyre manufacture that has helped them to withstand economical pressures and remain one of the leading premium brands. Read more...

Toyo Tires

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Toyo Tires is a Japanese company founded in 1945. For the last 70 years they have been recognised for innovation, quality, performance and excellent service. Read more...

Uniroyal Tyres

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Uniroyal are famous for being the original inventor of the rain tyre. Always seen to be providing the very best in wet weather tyre technology, Uniroyal are one of the world's most respected rain tyre manufacturers. The brand aim is to focus on attaining the highest level of safety on wet roads by thorough product development based on intensive research. Read more...

Yokohama Tyres

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The Yokohama Rubber Company has a business network spanning over 100 countries worldwide, and provides high quality products and services. As the oldest tyre manufacturer in Japan, Yokohama produces around 60 million tyres a year. Ranked as the eighth largest tyre manufacturer in the world, the brand has a secure position as a premium product brand manufacturer. Read more...

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