Avon Tyres

Avon has been making high quality tyres for cars, motorbikes, vans and trailers since 1904. Globally renown for creating tyres of unparalleled quality, Avon combine the latest design and manufacturing technology with a punishing testing regime to maintain their high standard. Avon is owned by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.


Summer Tyres

Avon ZZ3
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The ZZ3 is an ultra high performance, summer car tyre specifically designed to provide superb wet weather grip, this tyre also offers drivers excellent dry road holding. Predictable on-the-limit handling characteristics are evident, giving drivers total confidence when driving hard and fast. Rim flange protectors have also been included to guard any expensive alloy wheels against kerbing damage.

Avon ZZ5
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The ZZ5 has a highly loaded silica tread compound, combined with state-of-the-art polymer technology. This means the ZZ5 features ‘A’ grade wet grip in all conditions. A rim flange protector has been included in the design to help keep alloys free from kerbing damage. It also features a 2 ply rayon casing, to allow for the most predictable handling.

Avon ZT5
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A touring summer tyre for passenger cars, the ZT5 sports three wide circumferential grooves worked into the tread pattern. This is combined with open inner shoulders to provide improved aquaplaning performance. The tyre features very good steering response which enhances road holding and vehicle control. The Avon pitch sequencing technology has been used in the construction which conforms to the latest EU legislation for noise. This quietly running tyre means maximum comfort and pleasure for drivers and passengers alike.

Avon ZV3
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Designed to be fitted to passenger saloons, the special 'tri-sector' tread pattern means this tyre gives a very quiet ride. The design of the tread pattern contributes to excellent and confident handling for drivers, evident through strong road holding in all conditions. Maximum steering response is evident from cars with the ZV3 tyres fitted.

Avon ZV5
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This high performance, summer tyre has been designed for passenger car use. Excellent grip in the wet as well as in dry conditions is clearly evident. A unique tread pattern gives drivers predictable handling, which includes excellent braking performance in spring and summer conditions. The tread pattern design also means a quiet, pleasurable and comfortable ride for drivers and passengers alike.

Avon ZZR
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The ZZR is a track day and competition summer tyre, which has been designed for passenger cars. Designed as the fastest dry weather, track orientated and road legal tyre, the ZZR offered a perfect opportunity for Avon’s technical department to showcase the company’s cutting edge motorsport design. The state-of-the-art race tyre manufacturing techniques make this tyre an uncompromising tyre for maximum performance. The tyre offers drivers predictable and progressive control at high speeds.

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Winter Tyres

Avon Ice Touring ST
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Available in wide, low-profile sizes to fit high performance cars, this tyre delivers superb wet weather performance. The special rubber formulation used in its construction, gives drivers superb grip and handling in winter temperatures. The Ice Touring ST provides superior traction in snow, ice, slush and wet as well as providing excellent tyre life. The asymmetric tread pattern combined with the wide, low profile styling, complements the CR85 winter line-up. This tyre is also marked with the 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol for guaranteed performance.

Avon CR85
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This performance winter tyre gives first-rate traction on winter roads – in the snow, ice, slush, mud and in the wet. Providing excellent road holding in both the wet and dry, this tyre is guaranteed to keep you mobile in the poorest weather conditions. Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' and 'Mud and Snow' symbol the high silica content allows for flexibility and grip in cold weather. This tyre is available in low profile sizes specially to fit high performance cars.

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4X4 Tyres

Avon Ranger
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The Avon Ranger Sport is a High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to 4x4s. Superb handling characteristics are evident and have been included to allow the control of large vehicles through difficult terrains. Designed to promote low noise levels, the Ranger Sport remains very stable at high speeds. It gives drivers and passengers a comfortable ride as well as good ride quality.

Avon Ranger A-T
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The Avon Ranger A-T is a Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4s. Designed for both on-road and off-road use, first-class wet weather road holding is evident. A comfortable ride quality for drivers and passengers is achieved by the strong traction in off-road conditions. Compounds included in the tyres construction increase toughness and strength. This means a good tyre life. Siping included in the tread offers increased wet-weather performance and enhanced off-road traction. The bold tread pattern resists clogging and easily 'self-cleans'.

Avon Ranger ATT
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The Avon Ranger ATT is a Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4s. The ATT is a premium 4x4 tyre, designed for use 60% on road and 40% off road. The all-terrain design provides outstanding performance both on and off the road. The design and structure provides excellent wet weather road holding whilst also maintaining off-road performance. This tyre is available in 15” to 17” rim diameter sizes.

Avon Ranger TSE
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The Avon Ranger TSE is a Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4s. A very quiet running tyre, the TSE promotes excellent ride quality for drivers and passengers alike. The TSE is very capable in modest off-road use and this means predicable handling in all conditions and environments.

Avon Ranger HTT
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The Avon Ranger HTT is a high performance tyre designed for 4x4s. Created for 80% on road and 20% off road, this tyre is perfect for use in semi-rural areas. Constructed with innovative Stepped Tread Elements, this tyre offers enhanced traction and handling on dry surfaces. This is because block stiffness is increased which works to provide stability and grip. In addition, its asymmetric tread pattern allows for even wear, resulting in longer tyre life.

Avon Rangemaster
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Ideal for fitment on 4x4 vehicles such as Land Rovers*, the Avon Rangemaster is optimised for off road use in tough conditions whilst retaining impressive on road capabilities. Its robust casing allows stability at high speeds whilst a special sidewall construction enables a precise steering response, meaning that performance is not compromised. Furthermore, deep diagonal tread grooves and high shoulder blocks offer superb traction on off road surfaces such as muddy fields.


Avon Ranger Ice
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Designed for modern 4x4 vehicles, the Avon Ranger Ice has been designed to offer high performance in winter conditions. Thanks to the high silica compound used in the tyre, the Avon Ranger Ice will maintain flexibility in low temperatures enabling a reliable gripping performance during winter. This tyre can also provide excellent traction in deep snow, ice, slush, mud and water thanks to its innovative tread pattern and patented ‘Snow Groove’.

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Van Tyres

Avon Avanza AV9
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The Avon Avanza AV9 has been designed to cope with the challenges of everyday driving. Optimised to offer excellent economy for modern vans, the Avon Avanza AV9 provides a long tyre life and offers resistance to general wear and tear due to its robust sidewalls which cope with kerbing damage. In addition, this tyre has been reinforced to handle heavy loads, making it an ideal tyre for commercial vehicles.

Avon Avanza AV10
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This tyre has a noticeably long tyre life making this tyre excellent value for any van driver. Excellent handling characteristics are evident, ensuring maximum road holding and braking control. Toughened sidewalls have been included in construction to help cope with wear and tear caused by kerbs and potholes. The low noise levels ensure a quiet and comfortable ride for drivers and passengers.

Avon Avanza AV11
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Ideal for modern vans, the Avon Avanza AV11 offers enhanced handling properties, a long tyre life and can provide a superior performance in wet conditions. Due to its improved tyre footprint and profile, this tyre can offer superior levels of road handling as more of the tyre retains contact with the surface of the road. The Avon Avanza AV11 has been further optimised to offer enhanced value and Avon claim that it provides a tyre life that is 10% longer than the Avon Avanza AV9*. Furthermore, this tyre was awarded a grade ‘B’ for wet grip by the EU Tyre Label.


Avon Vanmaster M+S
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The Vanmaster M+S has been designed and developed specifically for medium-sized vans. The tread included has specifically designed sipes which offer outstanding traction in snow, ice, slush and mud. This means work doesn’t have to stop when the weather prevails. Stay mobile in the most awkward of conditions with these tyres. The Vanmaster M+S will accept ice studs for ultimate traction in extreme winter conditions if necessary. Marked with the 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol to emphasise and assure drivers of its specialist properties and capabilities.

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Specialist Tyres

Avon Turbosteel 70
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Designed specially to suit large, luxury, high-performance saloons, the Avon Turbosteel 70 offers a comfortable, efficient and dynamic driving experience. Designated as standard specification for a range of Bentley, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce models, the Avon Turbosteel 70 has been optimised to offer a high performance without compromising safety. This is due to the construction of the tyre which features twin steel belts which are reinforced by nylon. This unique structure enables the Avon Turbosteel 70 to resist distortion at high speeds, even when cornering. In addition, its six-rib tread design works to enhance traction and enable steering precision.

Avon Turbospeed CR227
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The Avon Turbospeed CR227 is a premium tyre ideal for large, luxury cars and elite marques. This tyre has been manufactured specifically for premium vehicles and this is conveyed by its sleek aesthetic which is enhanced by an optional white sidewall. Its innovative tread pattern has been specifically designed to reduce road noise, resulting in a quiet and comfortable ride. In addition, this unique tyre tread is effective at water dispersal and its grooves work to offer increased resistance against aquaplaning.

Avon CR228-D
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The Avon CR228-D is a superior tyre ideal for dynamic drivers and large, luxury saloons. Constructed with additional flex in the sidewall of the tyre, the Avon CR228-D guarantees a comfortable and quiet ride. In addition, this tyre offers an excellent wet weather performance. This is due to its unique tread pattern which works to effectively disperse water away from the footprint of the tyre, resulting in an increased resistance against aquaplaning. Furthermore, this innovative tread allows the tyre to better grip wet surfaces and it was awarded a ‘B’ grade for ‘Wet Grip’ by the EU Tyre Label.

Avon Turbospeed CR27
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Designed to complement luxury cars from elite manufacturers including Rolls Royce and Bentley, the Avon Turbospeed CR27 enhances the premium performance you would expect from a premium car. Its unique tread pattern, which has been exclusively designed by a computer, is superior when it comes to water dispersion and noise reduction. Furthermore, flex in the sidewall enables the Avon Turbospeed CR27 to provide a comfortable ride.

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