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Established in 1898, Goodyear are today one of the most globally recognised brands. Dedicated to the advancement of tyre technology, Goodyear are responsible for many innovative breakthroughs in tyre safety and performance over the last 100 years and are still breaking boundaries with their concept tyres for driverless cars. Setyres’ range of Goodyear Tyres are perfect for those looking for durability and strength. We have a tyre for all seasons with everything from the ‘Duragrip’ Summer tyre to the ‘Ultragrip 9’ Winter Tyre. Buy Goodyear tyres online - browse our range below or come and talk to one of our Goodyear experts in your local branch.


Summer Tyres

EfficientGrip Performance
Buy cheap Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyres from your local Setyres

With improved grip and shorter braking distances, the EfficientGrip Performance is a superior summer tyre. Rated A for wet grip by the EU Tyre Label*, this tyre offers a superior performance in wet conditions. This is benefitted by WearControl Technology which ensures an optimal balance between wet grip and low rolling resistance for the life of the tyre.
Thanks to the use of Goodyear ActiveBraking Technology, the EfficientGrip Performance has increased levels of contact with the surface of the road. This means that braking distances are significantly reduced on both wet and dry surfaces.


EfficientGrip Compact
Buy cheap Goodyear EfficientGrip Compact tyres from your local Setyres

The EfficientGrip Compact offers excellent fuel efficiency and mileage without sacrificing its wet weather performance. Due to its stiff tread pattern, the EfficientGrip Compact provides low rolling resistance which results in lower CO2 emissions and greater fuel economy. In addition, this lightweight tyre allows for pressure to be distributed optimally, promoting even tyre wear.
This tyre also delivers an excellent wet weather performance thanks to its dual wide grooves, extra-large sipes and multiple biting edges which combine to cut through surface water and retain grip with the road, improving resistance against aquaplaning.

Buy cheap Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres from your local Setyres

The fuel saving tyre that keeps performing for longer.
Leave a smaller carbon footprint and save on fuel with the EfficientGrip tyre from Goodyear. Sporting FuelSaving Technology, the EfficientGrip combines a lightweight structure with an advanced tread compound. This means less energy is used to make it roll.
The EfficientGrip tyre gives more mileage between tyre changes. Its silica tread compound keeps the tyre working for longer, saving money on wear over the tyres lifetime.
The EfficientGrip features a unique tread surface and a blade arrangement that sheds water as efficiently as possible in order to avoid aquaplaning.
Enjoy quiet, comfortable journeys thanks to the specially designed, noise reducing block tread design.

Buy cheap Goodyear DuraGrip tyres from your local Setyres

The fuel saving tyre built for today’s family and city cars.
Fuel costs are reduced with the DuraGrip tyre that rolls easily. The equalised pressure distribution means better fuel efficiency and longer tyre life.
3D-BIS Technology from Goodyear means increased rubber-to-road contact which drastically improves vehicle handling. A stiff shoulder area is included in the asymmetric tread pattern, which increases accuracy when cornering.
The tread design enables the tyre to quickly disperse water in wet conditions, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
Enjoy a quiet, comfortable ride as the tread and block patterns have been optimised to reduce tyre noise levels.

Buy cheap Goodyear Excellence tyres from your local Setyres

The three-in-one tyre that delivers superb grip, handling and comfort.
The Excellence tyre from Goodyear allows drivers to benefit from superb road adherence in wet conditions. A new compound polymer has been used in its development, which enables the tyre to stick to the road, offering shorter braking distances in wet conditions.
Experience confident handling when driving at high speeds. Shoulder stabilisers in the design of this tyre, help to maintain a firm grip when cornering. Pressure is distributed evenly across the tyre contact patch for better handling and to reduce uneven tread wear, maximising the lifespan of the tyre.
Make every journey a comfortable one thanks to an optimised tread pattern that reduces noise emissions.

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3
Buy cheap Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 tyres from your local Setyres

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 is a premium summer performance tyre. Constructed with Goodyear’s innovative New Grip Booster compound, this tyre offers reduced braking distances and better handling. This is because the compound contains adhesive resin which increases stickiness with the surface of the road, enhancing this tyres’ gripping capabilities.

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 also provides superior levels of fuel efficiency thanks to its lightweight construction which reduces rolling resistance and heat generation.

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2
Buy cheap Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tyres from your local Setyres

The ultra high performance tyre that delivers shorter braking distances, when it matters most.
ActiveBraking technology has been included in the design and construction of the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tyre. Stop with confidence when split seconds count, as increased contact with the road enhances braking ability, maximising vehicle control.
A high-surface silica compound has been used to enhance grip for confident handling on wet and dry roads. Along with this, a stiff carcass structure included in the tyre, increases steering precision when travelling at high speeds.
Goodyear’s FuelSaving Technology helps to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions. A low-weight construction of the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, means the tyre requires less energy to roll, while the silica compound reduces heat generation.

Eagle F1 GSD3
Buy cheap Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 tyres from your local Setyres

Voted as the number one tyre by Auto Express magazine, the Eagle F1 GSD3 is a tyre that was designed to deliver high performance. Constructed with Directional OneTRED design, which features three integrated tread zones. This innovative tread pattern results in superior handling.
The Eagle F1 GSD3 uses an exclusive AAtrax tread compound which provides outstanding traction in wet conditions and optimised dry grip. V-Tred technology helps to offer a smooth, quiet ride.

Eagle NCT5
Buy cheap Goodyear Eagle NCT5 tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for performance, the Eagle NCT5 is the optimum tyre choice when it comes to motorway driving. With reduced noise levels and a high quality driving experience, this tyre offers improved ride comfort.
The Eagle NCT5 offers excellent mileage due to its hard compound and is ideal for those looking for a long life tyre. An innovative tread design helps to offer superior levels of grip in both wet and dry conditions. This tyre also offers an enhanced braking performance, making it a reliable choice.

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Winter Tyres

UltraGrip 8
Buy cheap Goodyear UltraGrip 8 tyres from your local Setyres

The winter tyre that delivers outstanding snow traction
Goodyear’s 3D-BIS Technology enables driver to benefit from shorter braking distances when it matters most. The interlocking block system built into the tread pattern design, helps deliver superb braking distances on snow and ice.
The winter tread compound used in the UltrGrip8 allows the tyre to maintain high grip levels, even below 7 °C. The compound is long-wearing to give extra mileage and increased tyre life.
The 3D BIS Technology improves handling in unpredictable winter weather – from wet and dry roads, to ice, snow and slush. The specifically optimised tyre shape and tread design, puts more rubber in contact with the road, which in turn increases control in slippery conditions. Handling is maintained even as the tyre wears, thanks to a next generation V-tread design.
Reduce the risk of aquaplaning on slushy or wet roads with the double V-groove included in the UltraGrip8. One groove has been included for evacuating water and one added for gripping snow. The tyre maximises control in wet and thawing conditions.

UltraGrip 8 Performance
Buy cheap Goodyear UltraGrip 8 Performance tyres from your local Setyres

The high performance tyre for tough snow conditions.
The UltraGrip 8 Performance enhances confidence when driven on snow covered roads. Superior grip and braking is evident on hard-packed snow, thanks to the saw-shaped central rib, that works like a snowplow, grabbing onto surface snow for extra traction.
A large contact patch is included in the design of this tyre, that improves handling on ice. The silica tread compound maintains good grip at temperatures below 7 °C.
Aquaplaning is reduced thanks to the special hydrodynamic tread grooves. These quickly channel water away from the tyre surface, helping drivers keep control on wet and slushy roads.
The UltraGrip 8 Performance has a low-weight construction, which reduces rolling resistance. This lowers vehicle’s fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

UltraGrip 9NCG
Buy cheap Goodyear UltraGrip 9NCG tyres from your local Setyres

The UltraGrip 9NCG has been optimally designed to provide superb traction and handling in tough winter weather conditions. Built with 3D TreadLock blades, this tyre offers enhanced levels of grip on snow and ice covered surfaces and it can firmly grip the road.
Thanks to innovative hydrodynamic grooves, the UltraGrip 9NCG provides superior resistance against aquaplaning. These grooves work to channel water away from the footprint of the tyre and improve its traction in wet conditions.

UltraGrip 9
Buy cheap Goodyear UltraGrip 9 tyres from your local Setyres

Outstanding performance in the toughest winter conditions.
Hydrodynamic grooves are included in the design of this tyre to help to channel the water away from the tyre surface. This drastically reduces the risk of aquaplaning and improves traction on melting snow.
Tread Optimal Performance Technology has been used for optimised tread wear indication.

UltraGrip Performance 2
Buy cheap Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 2 tyres from your local Setyres

Designed to provide excellent handling and safety on winter roads, the UltraGrip Performance 2 is ideal for high performance vehicles and dynamic drivers. Constructed with a specialist tread compound that maintains grip in extremely cold weather, the UltraGrip Performance 2 offers reliable traction on slippery winter roads.
In addition, the UltraGrip Performance 2 maintains optimal stiffness, providing continuous contact with the surface of the road. This results in more precise steering and reliable handling in wet and dry conditions.

UltraGrip GW3
Buy cheap Goodyear UltraGrip GW3 tyres from your local Setyres

Designed to provide responsive handling, the UltraGrip GW3 is a reliable tyre which can cope with harsh, winter conditions. Thanks to Goodyear’s innovative V-Tred technology, this tyre is well equipped to perform in wet, slushy and icy conditions. This is because it optimally evacuates water and slush from the tyre to help increase resistance against aquaplaning.
An increased amount of sipes help to improve winter performance and grip, as these bite in to the snow and ice and enhance traction. Constructed using a unique high-performance compound, the UltraGrip GW3 is able to tackle cold temperatures and extreme winter conditions with ease.

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All Season Tyres

Vector 4Seasons Gen-2
Buy cheap Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 tyres from your local Setyres

Providing an excellent performance all year round and labelled ‘highly recommended’ by Auto Express in 2015, the Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 is one of the leading all season tyres on the market. Constructed with Goodyear’s unique SmarTRED design, which features specific tread zones to adjust to varying road conditions, the Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 adapts to seasonal changes.
The Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 can also manage with harsh winter conditions thanks to high density 3D waffle blades which provide excellent traction on snowy and icy surfaces.

Eagle LS2
Buy cheap Goodyear Eagle LS2 tyres from your local Setyres

Designed to cope in all year round conditions, the Eagle LS2 is a quality all season tyre which suits performance luxury saloons. This tyre features an innovative tread pattern which helps to enhance handling and traction in both wet and dry conditions. This is because it features wide, circumferential grooves which increase resistance against aquaplaning whilst the block arrangement allows for greater grip and control in dry conditions.
The special tread block sequence reduces road noise and enables a quiet, comfortable ride. Furthermore, premium sidewall styling offers a contemporary and stylish appearance.

Eagle GT II
Buy cheap Goodyear Eagle GT II tyres from your local Setyres

With a classic appearance and all-season traction, the Eagle GT II is a superior tyre choice. Designed with stable shoulder blocks separated by full-depth lateral grooves, cornering power is enhanced and wet traction is improved.
Offering all year performance, this tyre can handle wet and dry conditions and is optimised for light snow thanks to an increased number of biting edges located on the tyre sidewall.

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EfficientGrip SUV
Buy cheap Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres from your local Setyres

The fuel saving SUV tyre that brakes shorter.
Goodyear’s FuelSaving Technology has been included in the tyre design, which combines a lightweight structure with advanced materials that lower rolling resistance. The result is a tyre that moves more efficiently, saving money on fuel as well as the environment.
Special traction resins have been included in the compound used to develop the EfficientGrip SUV. As a result, drivers experience increased grip when stopping in wet conditions. The tread pattern features 3-dimensional shoulder blades that enhance braking grip in dry conditions.
The EfficientGrip SUV offers more mileage between tyre changes. Its silica tread compound keeps the tyre working for longer, saving money and increasing tyre longevity.
Steering and handling is maximised thanks to the EfficientGrip SUV’s lower weight. An optimised design means tyre stiffness is evident when cornering and when taking bends.

Wrangler AT/SA+
Buy cheap Goodyear Wrangler AT/SA+ tyres from your local Setyres

A 4x4 tyres with the strength to take on all terrain.
Goodyear’s SilentArmour Techno enables drivers to tackle rough terrain with confidence. Reinforced sidewalls have been included to increase resistance to cuts and punctures. Maximising the longevity of the tyres life.
High blade density tread blocks, included in the design of this tyre help to improve grip on wet surfaces with its extra biting edges. Optimised for superb wet grip and mileage, this tyre offers good off-road performance.
The tread has been designed to quickly evacuate mud enabling a hard working tyre to be fitted to hard working vehicles. This tyre can handle rough off-road environments with a polymer blend to maximise off-road performance.

Vector 4Seasons SUV
Buy cheap Goodyear Vector 4Seasons SUV tyres from your local Setyres

The all season SUV tyre that adapts to the weather- for performance all year round.
The Vector 4Seasons SUV has been designed to cope with all types of weather. With Goodyear’s Weather Reactive SmartTRED Technology, the Vector 4Seasons SUV adapts to seasons and road surface conditions through the performance of specific tread zones. Certified with the snowflake symbol for winter use too.
The Vector 4Seasons SUV gives you better mileage thanks to its all-weather compound. Combined with a flatter contour that spreads pressure more evenly, the structure of the tyre has been designed to maximise tyre longevity.
This tyre sports an aggressive tread compound for superb grip and for icy and snowy roads. The specialist tread compound and waffle blade design maximises grip in all environments. Deep tread grooves quickly shed water and slush to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.
Experience confident off-road driving thanks to gripping edges that maintain road traction.

Wrangler HP All Weather
Buy cheap Goodyear Wrangler HP All Weather tyres from your local Setyres

Offering peak performance all year round, the Wrangler HP All Weather is an optimal all season tyre for 4x4s. Selected as the factory fitted tyre on models including the Land Rover Discovery and the Ford Kuga, this tyre has earnt an excellent reputation within the automotive industry.
Designed using Weather Reactive Technology, the Wrangler HP All Weather is able to adapt its behaviour to weather conditions which results in high performance in all seasons. The Wrangler HP All Weather can also expertly cope with wet and winter weather effectively, thanks to deep and wide tread grooves that channel mud and water away from the tyre. This helps to provide increased traction of slippery surfaces.

Wrangler AT/R
Buy cheap Goodyear Wrangler AT/R tyres from your local Setyres

A versatile and durable tyre, the Wrangler AT/R can provide superior traction in both off and on road conditions. Thanks to large shoulder notches, mud is evacuated rapidly from the tread and zig zag shaped grooves with deep gripping edges help to provide superior grip.
The risk of aquaplaning is significantly reduced due to a deep centre groove that quickly channels water away from the tyre. This adds to the enhanced wet performance that the Wrangler AT/R offers. Silica compounds within the tyre adds extra grip to deal with wet conditions.
The tread has been optimised to help reduce noise whilst driving, even on bumpy surfaces.

Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV
Buy cheap Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV tyres from your local Setyres

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV offers all the benefits of an ultra-high performance tyre optimised for high-end SUVs. The Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV has been recognised for its superior performance worldwide and in 2015 was labelled ‘Highly Recommended’ by SUV Magazin, Germany’s leading publication on Sports Utility Vehicles.
Designed using Active CornerGrip technology, this tyre offers exceptional handling and maximum grip. This is because pressure is evenly distributed whilst cornering, even at speed. Thanks to an asymmetric design which features an open tread zone, water is rapidly evacuated from the tyre which enables the Eagle F1 Asymmetric a high resistance against aquaplaning.

UltraGrip 500 SUV
Buy cheap Goodyear UltraGrip 500 SUV tyres from your local Setyres

Ideal for extreme winter conditions, the UltraGrip 500 SUV offers excellent performance during extreme weather. Labelled ‘exemplary’ by Auto Bild, Germany’s leading automotive publication, this tyre has gained a reputation for its superior performance in cold conditions.
Thanks to innovative Goodyear Stud Anchor Technology, this tyre offers a strong performance all winter. Centreline blocks further enhance cold weather performance, as this works to improve steering stability on hard packed snow and ice.
The UltraGrip 500 SUV features interlocking blades which enhance snow and ice traction and grip. An enhanced V-Tred profile rapidly disperses water and slush which optimises resistance against aquaplaning.

Wrangler F1
Buy cheap Goodyear Wrangler F1 tyres from your local Setyres

Designed for summer driving, the Wrangler F1 maximises the road performance you can expect from your 4x4. Constructed with a V-profile tread pattern, the Wrangler F1 can rapidly evacuate water and protect against aquaplaning. Thanks to its silica tread compound, the Wrangler F1 is able to offer high levels of grip resulting in shorter braking distances and superb on-road performance.
This tyre offers a comfortable ride with reduced road noise due to an innovative block arrangement which is engineered for comfort. Furthermore, blades in the tyre grooves add an extra biting edge which ensures even wear. This leads to improved mileage and a long tyre life.

Wrangler MT/R
Buy cheap Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tyres from your local Setyres

Master extreme off-road terrain with the Wrangler MT/R. Chosen as the factory fitted tyre on vehicles including the Land Rover Defender, the Wrangler MT/R is a superior all season off-road tyre. Designed with an innovative tread pattern, this tyre is able to shed mud to enable a solid grip. This also results in deep and consistent surface traction.
Due to its advanced silica compound, this tyre offers aggressive traction on wet and snowy terrain. This is further benefitted by the addition of gripping edges. The Wrangler MT/R has been constructed using Dura-wall technology which adds extra reinforcement to the sidewall. This means that there is a reduced risk of puncture.

Wrangler DuraTrac
Buy cheap Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tyres from your local Setyres

Versatile and durable, the Wrangler DuraTrac is the ideal all season tyre for off-road driving. This tyre offers tough grip in mud, snow and other tough conditions thanks to TractiveGroove Technology, which delivers enhanced traction. Enjoy a quiet, stable ride with the Wrangler DuraTrac thanks to a block design which reduces road noise and helps to maintain lateral stability on uneven terrain.
Thanks to self-cleaning shoulder blocks, the Wrangler DuraTrac rapidly evacuates dirt, gravel and mud as you move, ensuring that optimal traction is consistently offered. Additionally, this tyre has been designed with rim protectors which help to protect your wheels from any accidental damage.

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Cargo UltraGrip 2
Buy cheap Goodyear Cargo UltraGrip 2 tyres from your local Setyres

A superior winter tyre, the Cargo UltraGrip 2 is a hardworking winter tyre which enables your van to keep moving in tough conditions. Constructed with extra biting edges, this tyre is optimised to cope with ice and snow. The Cargo UltraGrip 2 uses a winter rubber compound which stays flexible in cold weather and this helps to enhance braking ability.
With an all-steel carcass designed using UniSteel technology, the Cargo UltraGrip 2 offers a high load carrying capability. This tyre delivers a quiet and comfortable ride thanks to its innovative noise reducing tread pattern.

Cargo Vector 2
Buy cheap Goodyear Cargo Vector 2 tyres from your local Setyres

The Cargo Vector 2 is a reliable van tyre designed to offer an excellent performance all year round. Due to its all-weather silica compound, that keeps the tyre going when temperatures drop, and flexible centre blocks, which provide enhanced gripping abilities, the Cargo Vector offers superior traction in all weather conditions.
In addition, this tyre offers a high resistance against aquaplaning due to its asymmetric tread pattern and grooves that work to quickly evacuate water and slush from the footprint of the tyre.

Cargo Vector
Buy cheap Goodyear Cargo Vector tyres from your local Setyres

The Cargo Vector is a van tyre well equipped to deal with all year conditions. Due to an innovative tread design, this tyre can offer efficient traction in snow and ice whilst still being able to deliver a high performance in the summer.
Thanks to an asymmetric tread design, the Cargo Vector tread stiffness is optimised to allow for confident handling in all conditions.
This tyre is marked with the snowflake marking, indicating that it fulfils the requirements for driving in severe snow conditions.

Cargo Marathon
Buy cheap Goodyear Cargo Marathon tyres from your local Setyres

Built to deliver comfort, traction and performance.
The Cargo Marathon’s 4-rib tread pattern spreads the load evenly, improving traction and handling. The wide tread grooves shed water quickly when roads are wet, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. The half-silica tread compound helps to stay in control in wet weather. The tyre is optimised for good grip in wet weather. Blades within the tread help to maintain traction on slippery surfaces and also provide a quiet, comfortable ride.

Cargo G26
Buy cheap Goodyear Cargo G26 tyres from your local Setyres

Built to offer superior performance, the Cargo G26 is a van tyre optimised for summer driving. Chosen as the factory fitted tyre on models including the Ford Transit and the Renault Traffic, the Cargo G26 is a reliable tyre which offers a tough, consistent grip.
Constructed with a rib and block design which maximises contact with the road, this tyre is able to provide a superior grip whilst also offering better mileage. Strong shoulder blocks help to maximise cornering control and allow the tyre to spread its load evenly, for improved handling and performance.
The Cargo G26 also offers high resistance to aquaplaning due to deep grooves in the tread which allow for the rapid evacuation of water.

Cargo G28
Buy cheap Goodyear Cargo G28 tyres from your local Setyres

The long-lasting tyre that turns your light truck or van into a workhorse.
Enjoy confident driving on wet and dry roads. The Cargo G28 sports a 4-rib design that spreads the load evenly across the tyre surface for improved handling and wet grip. The wide tread crown also ensures consistent wear, giving you a longer lasting tyre.
Wide tread grooves shed rainwater quickly, helping to prevent aquaplaning. With its wide tread design, the Cargo G28 supports heavy loads comfortably without sacrificing handling.

Cargo G91
Buy cheap Goodyear Cargo G91 tyres from your local Setyres

The Cargo G91 is an exceptional van tyre which excels under heavy loads. Constructed with a reinforced steel carcass, this tyre offers increased durability and load-carrying capacity, resulting in an ability to carry heavy loads with ease.
Due to a deep tread depth, the Cargo G91 offers long tyre life, making it an economical tyre choice. Furthermore, a wide tread design helps to ensure even tyre wear throughout the life of the tyre.
The Cargo G91 offers exceptional wet weather performance, due to radial blades featured on the tread. These offer additional traction on wet surfaces for confident handling in rainy conditions.

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