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With a heritage spanning over 140 years, Pirelli is one of the world’s top five largest tyre manufacturers. Committed to innovation and product development, Pirelli continually strive to improve the performance, safety and environmental impact of the tyres they create.


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Summer Car Tyres

Buy cheap Pirelli P ZERO™ NERO GT tyres from your local Setyres

Enjoy your Sporty Journey

Car - Summer - Sporty

Expect constant performance and excellent handling from the Pirelli P Zero Nero GT. This tyre provides an enhanced braking performance on wet and dry surfaces thanks to its high technology profile structure which works to distribute pressure evenly. This means that a large area of the tyre is always in contact with the road, enhancing grip and decreasing braking distance.

Furthermore, the P Zero Nero GT provides a fast cornering reaction and improved handling due to its wide continuous ribs and asymmetric tread design. These features work together to provide increased stiffness and stability, enhancing high performance driving.

Buy cheap Pirelli CINTURATO™ P7™ BLUE tyres from your local Setyres

Drive Longer, Brake Shorter

Car - Summer - Touring

Designed with high performance saloons in mind, the Cinturato P7 Blue provides an excellent wet weather performance and high levels of resistance against aquaplaning. This is thanks to four wide longitudinal grooves which work to rapidly expel water away from the tyre tread, enabling the driver to retain control. This is enhanced by an innovative tread compound which offers shorter braking distances on wet surfaces.

The Cinturato P7 Blue provides economy thanks to its long tyre life. Designed with an innovative tread pattern which uniformly distributes pressure, this tyre promotes even tyre wear, resulting in long life.

Buy cheap Pirelli CINTURATO™ P7™ tyres from your local Setyres

Long Journey Emotion

Car - Summer - Touring

This high performance tyre has been designed to accommodate medium to high powered cars. Constructed with compact central blocks combined with a robust external area, the Cinturato P7 provides excellent steering control, as this design provides protection against tyre distortion. In addition, the innovative and advanced hybrid material used on the tyre helps to distribute pressure evenly, helping to reduce uneven tyre wear which results in a long tyre life.

The Cinturato P7 offers resistance against aquaplaning thanks to its four longitudinal grooves which work to expel water from the footprint of the tyre and help the tyre to retain contact with the surface of the road.

Buy cheap Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres from your local Setyres

The Optimum Balance Between Performance and Comfort

Car - Summer - Sporty

Engineered to provide a superior sports performance, the P Zero Rosso delivers a precise steering response in wet and dry summer conditions. This tyre was developed specifically to cater for modern sports cars with electronic drive and stability control systems.

Built with an asymmetric pattern and a compact external area, the P Zero Rosso provides improved lateral rigidity at high speeds and this results in high levels of handling. In addition, its longitudinal grooves work to disperse water and provide safety in wet conditions.

Buy cheap Pirelli P ZERO™ NERO™ tyres from your local Setyres

Faster Than Your Mind

Car - Summer - Sporty

The P Zero Nero is the ultimate sports tyre, providing superb handling at high speeds. This is due to the use of wide continuous ribs and asymmetrical sipes which maintain grip and stability, even whilst cornering. In addition, four wide circumferential grooves in the tyre work to rapidly evacuate water away from the tyre, resulting in increased protection against aquaplaning.

This tyre offers a reliable performance at high speeds, thanks to its reduced sensitivity to hot temperatures. This means that even when your tyres heat up, tread distortion is minimal, allowing your drive to remain smooth and under control.

Buy cheap Pirelli P ZERO™ CORSA tyres from your local Setyres

Boost your Acceleration

Car - Summer - Sporty

Designed to provide high performance, the P Zero Corsa succeeds in transferring the best of motorsport technology to the road. Built with an innovative bead construction from Formula One experience, this tyre offers superior handling at high speeds. In addition, the P Zero Corsa delivers an impressive cornering and acceleration performance thanks to a unique, customised outer tread design.

This tyre also provides an excellent performance in wet conditions due to its wide longitudinal grooves that work to rapidly expel water and enhance resistance against aquaplaning.

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Winter Car Tyres

Buy cheap Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 tyres from your local Setyres

Winter Season, Top Performance

Car – Winter – Power Control

Designed especially for high-end cars, the Winter Sottozero 3 provides excellent winter performance in wet, snowy, icy and freezing conditions. Its innovative tread pattern features directional double arrows and an increased number of blocks, which provide greater traction in hazardous conditions. In addition, the Winter Sottozero 3 offers high levels of resistance against aquaplaning thanks to optimally wide grooves which work to rapidly expel water from the tyre tread.

Buy cheap Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II tyres from your local Setyres

The perfect route to your winter destination

Car – Winter – Touring

Ideal for sports cars and high-end vehicles, the Winter Sottozero Serie II provides excellent performance and high levels of safety on dry, wet and snow covered roads. Designed with an asymmetric tread and inclined grooves, the Winter Sottozero Serie II achieves high levels of lateral grip, resulting in enhanced traction on winter roads. Furthermore, this tyre provides enhanced stability for superior handling thanks to its patented sipe construction technology, which works to enhance the tyre footprint to retain contact with the surface of the road.

Buy cheap Pirelli Winter Snow Control Serie 3 tyres from your local Setyres


Car - Winter - Urban

This tyre offers excellent traction and braking on snowy surfaces. The high stability in lateral grip, combined with the generation of winter compounds used, the tyre achieves excellent wet and snow performance. The innovative base compound and bead geometry, help to improve handling and stability of the vehicle in dry road conditions too.

Ice Zero
Buy cheap Pirelli Ice Zero tyres from your local Setyres

Performance and safety in the same tyre

Car – Winter – Extreme Conditions

Developed to provide safety and performance in extreme winter conditions, the Ice Zero represents a new generation in the studded tyre range. The Ice Zero provides a superior driving performance on ice due to its high number of studs, which work to penetrate ice on the surface of the road and provide grip. This tyre also provides safety in snow, thanks to its high sipe density which enables the tread pattern to collect higher quantities of snow and channel it away effectively.

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Summer 4x4 Tyres

Buy cheap Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyres from your local Setyres

Shape Your Freedom

4x4 – Summer - Touring

The Scorpion Verde provides enhanced fuel efficiency and an excellent wet weather performance for summer driving. Built with an optimised profile and innovative materials, the Scorpion Verde offers low rolling resistance to provide reduced fuel consumption and less Co2 emissions. In addition, this tyre offers an improved tyre life due to its balanced silica ratio tread compound which results in improved wear unity for high mileage.

Buy cheap Pirelli SCORPION™ ATR tyres from your local Setyres

Shape Your Freedom

SUV - Summer - Touring

Designed for use on all road surfaces, the Scorpion ATR provides excellent off-road capabilities whilst still offering a comfortable on-road drive. Thanks to its robust carcass and reinforced sidewall area, the Scorpion ATR provides high resistance to damage, helping to increase tyre life. In addition, wide, rugged shoulder blocks help to provide pattern stability and improved grip and braking both on and off-road. The Scorpion ATR provides continuous traction when driving off-road due to curved central grooves that better grip to irregular surfaces.

Buy cheap Pirelli Scorpion STR tyres from your local Setyres

Shape Your Freedom

4x4 - Summer - Touring

Ideal for 4x4s, off-road vehicles and light trucks, the Scorpion STR provides safety, enhanced ride comfort and low noise levels for both on and off-road driving. Designed with a continuous central rib, this tyre provides enhanced levels of comfort as it maintains stability whilst driving and it also promotes even tread wear, resulting in longer tyre life.

Constructed with distinctive inclined blocks, the Scorpion STR offers better traction on differing terrain conditions and this innovative block design also improves steering response for safer handling in all conditions.

Buy cheap Pirelli P ZERO ROSSO™ SUV tyres from your local Setyres

Performance, Safety and Comfort

4x4 - Summer - Sporty

Engineered for modern and sophisticated 4x4s, the P Zero Rosso SUV combines high performance and comfort. This tyre offers high levels of safety in wet conditions, thanks to its innovative tread design. This tread pattern features a directional design and longitudinal grooves which work to rapidly expel water from the tyre, increasing your resistance against aquaplaning.

Buy cheap Pirelli P Zero SUV tyres from your local Setyres

Faster than your mind.

4x4 - Summer - Sporty

This tyre is a milestone in the development of the Pirelli range. The P ZERO™ has been chosen as original equipment for the most performance orientated and powerful cars on the market. It is characterised by an asymmetric tread pattern, which is ideal for all top of the range sports and high-powered cars. For top performance this tyre can also be considered for powerful mid-range vehicles.

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Winter 4x4 Tyres

Scorpion Winter
Buy cheap Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyres from your local Setyres

Winter at-traction

4x4 – Winter – Touring

Designed for modern 4x4s, the Scorpion Winter enables motorists to take total control in harsh winter conditions. This tyre provides enhanced levels of stability on wet and snow covered surfaces thanks to its innovative tread pattern which features modular block geometry to increase grip. Constructed with a specialist mould profile, the Scorpion Winter has an optimised contact patch and this enables more of the tyre to remain in contact with the surface of the road, providing shorter braking distances and responsive handling in dry conditions.

Buy cheap Pirelli SCORPION™ ICE & SNOW tyres from your local Setyres

Good in all winter road conditions, with low noise levels

4x4 – Winter – Touring

Ideal for modern, luxury 4x4s, the Scorpion Ice & Snow boasts an outstanding drive on all winter road conditions. Constructed with four broad longitudinal grooves, the Scorpion Ice & Snow rapidly expels water from the tyre tread to provide increased resistance against aquaplaning. In addition, multi-edged tread blocks provide an interlocking action on snow covered roads to offer increased levels of grip, resulting in high levels of traction on snow.

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Summer Van Tyres

Chrono™ Serie II
Buy cheap Pirelli Chrono Serie II tyres from your local Setyres

Daily traffic partner

Car - Summer - Touring

This tyre is the ideal choice for van and commercial vehicles that need good performances and safety even when carrying high loads. The reinforced tyre structure and large contact area means drivers can benefit from excellent braking and traction characteristics as well as regular wear and low C02 emissions.

Buy cheap Pirelli Carrier tyres from your local Setyres

Value for fleets, safety for drivers

Car - Summer - Urban

This tyre provides a breakthrough in mileage and tyre longevity. Mileage improvement of 30% thanks to a complete change of the profile geometry and an all new compound from Dunlop. It also features a 10% improvement in wet braking, wet handling and aquaplaning resistance, compared to its predecessor; thanks to an all new tread pattern, compound and profile geometry. Lower rolling resistance and improved comfort is also evident.

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Winter Van Tyres

Carrier Winter
Buy cheap Pirelli Carrier Winter tyres from your local Setyres

Because work doesn’t stop in the winter

Van – Winter – Urban

The Carrier Winter is a superior winter van tyre providing high levels of safety on wet roads. Its optimally designed tread with three wide longitudinal grooves works to rapidly disperse water away from the tyre to reduce your risk of aquaplaning. Its enhanced profile provides high levels of safety in all winter weather conditions. In addition, the Carrier Winter offers increased mileage thanks to its tread design which has been constructed to wear more evenly.

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