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Advan Sport V105
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For high performance and premium cars

  • Three very thick grooves and a thinner groove make up the special asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern.
  • Developed jointly with a leading European car manufacturer, this pattern strengthens both wet and dry grip.
  • The block area on the outboard side is wider to enhance dry performance while the groove area is increased on the inboard side to maximize wet performance.
Advan Neova AD08R
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For club racers and sport cars

  • The unibloc shoulder uses circumferentially continuous single shoulder blocks, this increases tread rigidity, ensuring a powerful grip.
  • Sequential round grooves in continuous lines disperse power input from the road surface. This adds considerably to the life of the tyre.
  • Rounded tyre grooves expel water rapidly, offering excellent water drainage on wet surfaces.
BluEarth AE01
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Offering the next standard in fuel saving

  • Thanks to its lightweight design the BluEarth AE01 drives with minimal wind resistance, meaning that less fuel is needed to turn the wheel.
  • Constructed with a nano blend compound, rolling resistance is lowered by 20% compared to the Yokohama, making the BluEarth AE01 one of the most fuel efficient tyres produced by Yokohama.
  • The BluEarth AE01 offers superior levels of grip thanks to the use of orange oil, which keeps the rubber soft and flexible at a micro level, allowing it to remain in contact with the surface of the road.
Blueearth A AE-50
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Extreme wet grip with environmental performance

  • Big and small lightning type grooves are included as well as increased block rigidity, to enable safe and secure driving on rainy days.
  • Innnovative new "noise-controlled pitch" ensures a consistently quiet ride
  • BluEarth-A tyres suppress the incidence of uneven wear and maintain quietness as the tyres wear by making the pitch variation smaller.
  • Includes technologies and manufacturing methods that demonstrate the best balance of fuel efficiency, wet grip and wear resistance.
C.Drive 2
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For small saloons and large family cars

  • Compound used includes polymers that have a higher molecular weight, the increased volume of silica provides excellent wet grip.
  • Good level of rolling resistance, which reduces fuel costs. The long polymers are intertwined with one another increasing the strength of the rubber
  • A minimised groove area in the outer zone, along with the shortened lug grooves on the inside shoulder, are designed to maintain rigidity when cornering.
  • Four wide straight grooves ease the stress on the central rib, which prevents uneven wear.
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For sporty hatchbacks and roadsters

  • Innovative ‘Variable Angled Groove‘ optimises tread contact with the road and provides dramatically enhanced traction on cornering.
  • ‘Groove-in-Groove’ design eliminates uneven tyre wear, allowing the pattern block to effectively distribute stress loads even during tight cornering.
  • A ‘High-Style‘ tyre that is the perfect fit for cars; from the compact class to sporty roadsters.
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For compact cars, super mini’s and small family cars

  • Features specially configured triple wide straight grooves, that power excellent water evacuation capabilities and provide triple straight safety that no ordinary tyre can match.
  • Based on a ‘Slim-Long’ design for optimum road and tyre contact pressure, grip and water evacuation functions are raised to new heights.
  • Tread compound combined with silica, minimizes the effects of temperature differentials promoting stable and life-long grip in both wet and dry conditions.
Parada Spec-2
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Providing high levels of grip in all summer conditions

  • Designed with massive diagonal tread blocks, the Parada Spec-2 offers outstanding gripping capabilities. These blocks enable more rubber to remain in contact with the surface of the road optimising the footprint to offer better grip.
  • The Parada Spec-2 provides excellent resistance against aquaplaning thanks to angled helical grooves. These grooves, which are ‘S’ shaped, effectively evacuate water from the tyre to enhance wet traction and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.
  • An ultra-low void shoulder works to enhance vehicle stability due to a decrease in the groove area and an increase in rubber-to-road contact. This means that stability is optimised, even when cornering.
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It doesn’t compromise – ever!

  • Helical grooves offer the same drainage effects as a regular straight groove pattern. The addition of acute grooves, then provides enhanced lateral drainage capabilities.
  • High-rigidity blocks on the shoulder help the tyre to maintain its shape during cornering, which maintains traction.
  • The outstanding wet-surface performance is a result of the super-traction compound.
  • Scientifically arranged blocks suppress the build up of rhythmic noise pattern, whereas sub-grooves reduce the generation of irritating, low-frequency noise.
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Winter Tyres

W.Drive V902
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Winter is inspiration. Drive your emotion

  • Original 3D-shaped sipes with polyhedral surface provide high performance on dry, wet and snow-covered surfaces.
  • Original 3D-shaped sipes with polyhedral surface provide high performance on dry, wet and snow-covered surfaces.
  • The specialist compound responds to a wide-range of temperature zones providing optimum performance on various winter conditions. A “Flexible polymer” retains more softness and flexibility at low temperatures.
W.Drive V903
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Direct traction for small cars

  • An Increased density of sipes on the tread maximizes the edge effect.
  • The centralized rib-block with a 3-D shaped block wall, delivers excellent dry stability by supporting the contact surface. Micro-sized grooves on the 3-D shaped block wall control uneven wear by dispersing stress and heat.
  •’s compound responds to a wide-range of temperature zones providing optimum performance on various winter conditions. The “Flexible polymer” used in the compound retains more softness and therefore more flexibility at low temperatures.
  • The directional tread pattern provides a “direct-feel” and traction on snowy and slushy road surfaces and excellent drainage on wet road surfaces.
W.Drive V902B
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Winter is inspiration to drive your emotion

  • The wide surface area of the contact patch, keeps blocks stable and enables them to support each other effectively and improve control for drivers.
  • Optimized lug grooves included in the tread design, drain snow and slush effectively providing added traction by increasing the edge effect.
  • The compound responds to a wide-range of temperature zones providing optimum performance on various winter conditions. “Micro Silica” has a smaller particle size than conventional silica and maintains rigidity and stability at high temperatures by hard-bonding with polymer, even when soft polymer is used.
  • High-rigid asymmetric design provides a high balance of performance on dry, wet and snow covered surfaces. Inner zone has moderate stiffness blocks and effective grooves for traction on snow.
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4X4 Tyres

Advan Sport V103
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For high performance, premium cars and high performance SUVs

  • The new compound developed for ADVAN Sport was tested many times under hypervelocity conditions.
  • A high-grip rubber ensures both flexibility and strength.
  • Designed for speed and accomplishes a high resistance, which accurately simulates the loading stress on your tyres during driving.
Geolander G055
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Fuel efficient 4x4 tyre optimised for all season performance

  • The Geolander G055 offers a fuel efficient performance thanks to Yokohama’s innovative orange oil compound that reduces rolling resistance, resulting in lower fuel consumption.
  • Constructed with transition grooves and notch sipes, the Geolander G055 offers an optimal performance during both wet and winter conditions as these create biting edges that provide stability and traction on wet surfaces.
  • The tread pattern of the Geolander G055 has been optimised to offer a quiet and comfortable ride, even at fast motorway speeds.
Parada Spec-X
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For luxurious tuned SUVs

  • The use of dimples on the tread pattern relieve heat build-up for more even wear.
  • Variable pitch technology creates a more comfortable ride by reducing noise and minimizing uneven wear.
  • Rim protectors on the sidewalls protect premium wheels against damage.
  • The aggressive directional design and unique tread pattern add a distinctive, stylish look. These features also increase acceleration and braking capabilities as well as resistance to aquaplaning.
  • The perpetual contact patch and solid centre curved ribs, provide excellent grip in dry weather, maintain lateral stability in wet conditions and promote a smooth, quiet ride.
W.Drive V905
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For high performance cars and SUVs

  • Variable angles of lateral grooves and zig-zag straight grooves improve lateral stabilities such as turning and anti-sliding on snow & ice.
  • Wide slanting grooves provide excellent "drainage" on snow and slush as well as on wet surfaces.
  • Circumferential mirco-sipes deliver optimum performance on snow and icy surfaces, even without a break-in period.
Iceguard Stud IG55
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For high performance cars, SUVs and compact cars

  • A new star-shaped stud chip & flange design improves performance on ice and good stud retention.
  • New stud model helps improvement on ice performance and less noise is made with the tread pattern and stud.
  • The original water absorbing compound technology, improves the ice performance.
  • Orange Oil makes the tyre softer to get more contact surface on wet & dry. Orange Oil improves performance on wet & dry.
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VAN Tyres

Supervan Y354
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Winter tyre for commercial vehicles

  • Suitable tyre for commercial vans and light trucks on paved roads.
  • Optimized tread design and specialist compound which increases all-weather traction and mileage.
  • Deep grooves and multiple sipes provide balance of wet and snow traction.
  • Specially designed tread compound delivers outstanding grip and prevents uneven wear.
RY818 Delivery Star
Buy cheap Yokohama RY818 Deliver Star tyres from your local Setyres

Well balanced commercial vehicle tyre

  • Flat contour with uniform contact pressure gives an increased contact area that delivers superior handling.
  • High-mileage performance and long life compound combine with a specialist tread pattern with superb drainage performance.
  • Excellent aquaplaning performance provided by three wide grooves.
  • High-grip compound for wet condition
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