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Setyres we have the latest diagnostic and battery checking equipment in our centres to make sure that your battery is working optimally

Here at Setyres we use the latest diagnostic machines to quickly and efficiently establish any faults with your vehicle.

Sometimes, despite numerous trips to various garages, even the best mechanics struggle with some of those pesky motoring problems that creep up on us all.

If you’re having problems with your vehicle and struggling to determine the source, or if one of your dashboard warning lights has switched on and you don’t know why, let Setyres staff use state of the art diagnostic equipment to instantly find the fault. Our specialist machines can scan any vehicle’s diagnostics port and give a thorough and accurate report of the vehicle fault.

Using this method helps to eliminate the potentially costly mistake of a misdiagnosed problem and at the same time, you know Setyres staff are doing the best they possibly can for your vehicle and for your pocket.

To find out if your vehicle would benefit from a diagnostics test, find your nearest Setyres branch and speak to our friendly professional staff with any queries and questions you might have.