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Energy Saving Tyres

Most tyre manufacturers now supply energy saving, or efficient tyres which are specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. These tyres are popular amongst motorists as they can save money on fuel and reduce the impact that driving has on the environment.

What is an Energy Saving Tyre?

Energy saving tyres are tyres that have been created to use less energy, and therefore less fuel, to run. They are constructed to require a reduced amount of energy to propel the vehicle along, and as the engine is not required to work as hard, less fuel is used.

Optimised to provide enhanced efficency and reduce fuel consumption, energy saving tyres will not provide the same level of performance characteristics such as precise steering and excellent handling as you could expect from high performance tyres.

Energy Saving Tyre Technology

Energy saving tyres reduce heat loss to decrease rolling resistance and reduce your fuel consumption

An average vehicle uses up to 20% of its fuel to overcome the forces working on it, known as rolling resistance. For this reason, energy saving tyres have been designed to lower rolling resistance.

Rolling resistance is created by the friction that occurs when a tyre heats up. This friction is necessary as it provides the tyre with the traction and grip they require.

A specialist compound is used in the construction of energy saving tyres which works to reduce heat loss and maintain optimum stiffness. This compound usually uses an increased amount of silica, which helps to make the tyre more durable, reducing heat loss and decreasing rolling resistance.

The Benefits of Energy Saving Tyres

Energy saving tyres will reduce your fuel consumption and help to reduce your carbon footprint in comparison to tyres that have been constructed to offer high performance.

The EU Tyre Label rates tyres based on their fuel efficiency and grades them from ‘A’ to ‘G’, with ‘A’ being the most fuel efficient and ‘G’ being the least. A tyre graded ‘A’ uses 6 litres of fuel every 621 miles less than a ‘G’ rated tyre, so this gives some idea of how you can benefit from fitting energy saving tyres.

As well as saving you money on fuel and decreasing CO2 emissions, energy saving tyres are usually more resistant to wear to provide an enhanced tyre life.

For further information on energy saving tyres, contact your local Setyres branch where one of our tyre specialists will be happy to provide advice and guidance.