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High Performance Tyres

Most premium manufacturers offer a range of high performance tyres which are designed to provide exceptional levels of handling and superior gripping capabilities at high speeds. High performance tyres are often created by manufacturers who have a long and successful history engineering tyres for the motorsports sector.

What are High Performance Tyres?

High performance tyres offer higher speed capabilities and sportier handling than other tyres and they are ideal for dynamic drivers. High performance tyres are constructed using specialist compounds that are designed to offer high levels of grip so that they can provide impressive short braking distances and precise handling.

Thanks to their specialist tread design, high performance tyres deliver premium sports capabilities

Benefits and Drawbacks of High Performance Tyres


High performance tyres offer a premium sports performance which cannot be rivalled by other types of tyre. Designed to provide excellent handling, precise steering response and high speed capabilities, high performance tyres are the best choice if you demand a superior drive at high speed.


As these tyres are the product of meticulous research and testing, the associated price tag, however, can be fairly steep.

Another drawback of choosing to fit high performance tyres is that they can wear more rapidly than other tyres, such as energy saving tyres, as the specialist compound used is optimised for performance whereas with energy saving tyres it is designed with wear resistance in mind. In addition, high speed driving will cause tyre tread to wear more rapidly.

Are High Performance Tyres Right For Me?

High performance tyres are best suited for dynamic drivers who demand stability and precision at high speed from their tyres. They may be less suitable for drivers who prioritise fuel consumption, tyre life or those who mainly drive short distances in predominantly urban areas.

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