Continental Motorbike Tyres

Setyres stock a range of Continental tyres suitable for motorbikes. Continental are one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers and are known for their commitment to tyre safety and innovation.

Take a look at the Continental Car Tyres stocked at Setyres.

Buy cheap ContiGo tyres from your local Setyres

City tyre for light motor bikes

The ContiGo has been designed to provide urban drivers with an excellent performance in contrasting weather conditions all year round. Constructed with a directional tyre pattern, the ContiGo provides a superior grip in wet weather and offers resistance against aquaplaning, as water is efficiently dispersed away from the surface of the tyre. This tread pattern promotes even wear, resulting in increased tyre life. The ContiGo also offers easy handling, thanks to its improved carcass design which works to enhance stability.

ContiMove 365
Buy cheap ContiMove 365 tyres from your local Setyres

All season scooter tyre

The ContiMove 365 provides scooter riders with an exceptional performance in all weather conditions. Designed with deep sipe pairs, the ContiMove 365 is optimised to tightly grip the surface of the road, even in wet and snowy conditions, to deliver a reliable performance. A specialist silica compound prevents this tyre from stiffening at cold temperatures, which means that it retains its flexibility and gripping capabilities in winter conditions. In addition, the ContiMove 365 offers increased resistance against aquaplaning due to its wide drainage grooves that rapidly expel water away from the tyre tread.

Buy cheap ContiTwist tyres from your local Setyres

The modern all-round scooter tyre for city streets and country roads

Developed to handle a wide range of scooters, from 50cc to 500cc, the ContiTwist is ideal for riders who enjoy a combination of urban and rural journeys. Thanks to the use of innovative compound technology, the ContiTwist offers superior levels of grip on wet and dry roads. In addition, this tyre provides an enhanced tyre life thanks to its optimised compound.

ContiTwist Race
Buy cheap ContiTwist Race tyres from your local Setyres

Scooter racing tyre with approval for road use

The ContiTwist Race is an ideal scooter tyre for dynamic drivers as it offers a high racing performance and is approved for use on roads. Constructed with a sporty racing tread compound, the ContiTwist Race provides excellent gripping capabilities, even under racing conditions. This tyre has been optimised to offer a reduced rate of wear, thanks to a high proportion of slick, or smooth tread, in the tread pattern design.

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