Dunlop Motorbike Tyres

Setyres stock a range of Dunlop motorbikes tyres. Established in 1888, Dunlop have grown to become one of the most respected tyre manufacturers in the world, known for their dedication to creating innovative tyres that enhance the driving experience.

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Buy cheap Dunlop SportSmart² tyres from your local Setyres

High speed potential

The SportSmart² is Dunlop’s technologically advanced tyre for sports bikes, designed to deliver comfort and durability at high speeds. Designed with Multi-Tread technology on the rear tyre, the SportSmart² provides enhanced levels of grip and its specific shoulder compound has been optimised to achieve superior cornering performance in wet and dry conditions. Due to a reverse direction centre tyre pattern, the SportSmart² achieves enhanced water drainage for excellent resistance against aquaplaning. In addition, its innovative tyre shape and light weight design enhance riding comfort and performance.

Qualifier II
Buy cheap Dunlop Qualifier II tyres from your local Setyres

Inspired confidence, whatever the weather

Created to enable dynamic riders to cope with ever advancing supersports motorbikes, the Qualifier II delivers everything required by modern sports riders. Constructed with a MultiTread compound derived from sports race technology, the Qualifier II provides outstanding traction, enhanced tyre life and impressive gripping capabilities. The Qualifier II incorporates Carcass Tension Control System (CTCS) technology, which enables specific areas of the tyre tread to be tensioned to alternate stiffness, enabling enhanced levels of stability, even when braking and cornering.

Buy cheap Dunlop ScootSmart tyres from your local Setyres

All new. All weather. All Dunlop.

Designed for scooters, the Dunlop ScootSmart has been constructed using the very latest technologies, setting a benchmark for scooter performance levels worldwide. This tyre is ideal for facing all weather conditions and thanks to its breakthrough tread pattern, based on the Dunlop RoadSmart, the ScootSmart provides a superior wet weather performance. In addition, its silica based tread components are used to achieve high levels of grip and excellent mileage in all conditions.

Buy cheap Dunlop D451 tyres from your local Setyres

It’s all about stability

Original equipment for the Honda SH125, the D451 is ideal for ‘big wheel’ scooters and provides a reliable and stable riding experience. This tyre has been optimised to deliver an excellent performance in wet conditions. Its deep, pronounced tread grooves work to rapidly evacuate water from the tyre tread meaning that the D451 achieves high resistance against aquaplaning. Furthermore, its optimal build including a low section profile and stiff carcass work to provide enhanced levels of stability, as the tyre is able to retain its shape, even under full loads.

Buy cheap Dunlop TT92 GP tyres from your local Setyres

A street legal track tyre for scooter racers

Inspired by world champion winning Dunlop motorcycle tyres, the TT92 GP has been created to provide high levels of performance for dynamic scooter drivers. Constructed with a motorsport racing compound, this tyre provides high levels of grip on dry surfaces to achieve excellent response and superior cornering performance. The TT92 GP has a specially stiffened tread which works to deliver excellent handling to add to its sporty performance.

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