Mixing tyres

Can you have different tyres on your car?

As a general rule, it is not recommended that you mix tyres. This is because having different tyres fitted on your vehicle can potentially be very dangerous and, in some cases, tyre mixing can be illegal. Generally, it is required that you have matching tyres on the same axle. The axle of the car is the rod that connects the tyre pair and turns the wheel on the car – and you will have two axles one in the front and one in the back. Mixing tyres on the same axle is incredibly hazardous, as you could heighten your risk of accidents by doing so.

Though your tyres may all look similar, they can vary in different ways. Your tyres could be different in:

  • Tyre build

    Mixing tyre build is illegal within the UK, your tyre build will either be cross-ply or radial-ply. Plies are designed to be fused to provide your tyres with the resilience it needs for the roads. Unmatching plies disrupts the vehicles unified weight tolerance – by doing so, you are not only more likely to experience tyre damage, but you are also significantly increasing the chances of an accident.

  • Tyre depth and pattern

    Seemingly small features of your tyres such as tyre depth and pattern are also important, having a tyre with contrasting tyre depth will cause an imbalance that threatens vehicle safety. Likewise, having tyres with different patterns causes similar risks.

Can I mix winter and summer tyres?

Mixing seasonal tyres is not recommended, winter tyres and summer tyres have very different characteristics and would consequently lead to an imbalance in the car’s stability. This not only hinders performance, but also vehicle safety.

Can I have different tyre sizes on the front and back?

As long as both pairs of tyres are the same, then generally, you are able to have different sizes between the rear and front axles if the suspension geometry is positioned accordingly. However, when mixing tyre sizes be sure of your car manufacturer’s tyre size recommendations.

Can I mix tyre brands on my vehicle?

Mixing tyre brands is usually fine, as often it is not always possible to have matching tyres due to lack of availability and budget. However, you still need to ensure that you have the same brand of tyres on the same axle – it is strongly recommended that you change your tyres in pairs.

If you are in need of some new tyres, then do not hesitate to contact our helpful team for more information. Alternatively, book in for a tyre fitting at a local garage near you.

Posted on: 24/11/2021

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