Common Exhaust Problems and How to Spot them

What Does My Exhaust Do?

The exhaust system is located from the engine all the way to the exhaust pipe and is made up of a series of different components. The exhaust system has four main jobs:

  • Directing away all noxious exhaust fumes
  • Controlling noise pollution
  • Reducing toxic chemicals in the fumes to reduce emissions
  • Improve fuel consumption

How Can I Tell if Something is Wrong?

As the exhaust system has such important functions, you should be aware of what to look and listen out for if something goes wrong.

If a problem with the exhaust is ignored, your engine will need to work harder and this will lead to increased fuel consumption and noxious fumes may not be reduced and safely emitted. It is highly dangerous for these fumes to enter the cabin of the vehicle.

Fortunately, exhaust problems are usually easy to spot. Simply listen and look out for the symptoms listed below.

Listen Up

Most exhaust problems can be spotted due to the noises that are made, so make sure you listen out for the following noises.

  • Hissing indicates that there may be cracks or holes in one of the exhaust components.
  • Roaring noises mean that there is a problem with the silencer and this is often due to corrosion.
  • Rattling or noises that sound like metal hitting metal may indicate that part of the exhaust has become loose or misaligned.
  • Chugging noises could signify that there is a blockage somewhere in the exhaust system.

Take a Look

To avoid potentially expensive repairs, it is a good idea to visually check the exhausts system frequently even if you have not heard any warning signs.

Simply inspect for signs of rust or corrosion on the pipes, especially on the inside of exhaust components.

You should also look for cracks and holes, paying particular attention to where seams meet each other as these areas tend to be most susceptible to damage.

Free Exhaust Check

If you have noticed any of the symptoms listed, it is important that you have your exhaust inspected by a specialist as soon as possible.

Repairs to the exhaust are not always as costly or extensive as you might think. There are many differing parts which make up the system and sometimes only a small replacement or adjustment is required.

Here at Setyres, we offer a free exhaust health check during which our trained technicians will be able to identify exhaust problems. Simply contact your nearest Setyres branch to make an appointment for your free exhaust check.

Posted on: 10/05/2016

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