Tyre of the Month: ContiSportContact 5 P

Find our super sports tyre with superior handling the worthy Tyre of the Month for August - Continental's ContiSportContact 5 P. Find out more about this trusted summer tyre now.

The perfect summer tyre for maximum fun

All weather summer tyre

As a summer tyre, it's important to be able to perform just as well on dry roads when the sun is shining as it is on wet surfaces in summer storms. That's why, with its unique Black Chilli technology, this tyre works so well - reducing braking distances on both dry and wet surfaces - even if driving at speed.

Superior sport-style handling

And with its outstanding gripping capabilities, the ContiSportContact 5 P is designed for a high-performance driving experience. This tyre also achieves superior grip due as its ability to adapt to any surface of the road - resulting in a high-performance drive you can rely on. Expect excellent cornering capabilities and increased traction with this sporty summer tyre.

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Posted on: 08/08/2019

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