Emergency breakdown kit

Car breakdowns can be a daunting experience - but it doesn't have to be. In this helpful guide, we will be talking about the essentials you need in your breakdown kit. Therefore, in case of an emergency, you can keep yourself and your car safe whilst waiting for roadside assistance.

What to pack in your car breakdown kit?

These few things will help prepare you for any eventualities that might occur when you break down. Our breakdown checklist outlines all of the equipment you will need to make your experience easier.

  • Jump leads - having your car run out of battery can be annoying, but it can also be easily fixed. All you need is a pair of jump leads and another person's car.
  • Torch - breaking down in darkness can make the experience extra scary, so having a few torches around can help alleviate stress and navigate your way around the vehicle easier.
  • Hi-Vis - bright coloured clothing can help other drivers see you on the road and will encourage them to slow down as they approach the breakdown.
  • A first aid kit - this should include sterile cleansing wipes, plasters, scissors, bandages and gloves. Having a first aid kit is good practice all year round to deal with any minor injuries.
  • Spare phone charger - if you are in the middle of nowhere, you will not want to risk not having any phone battery. If you break down in a place with no phone signal, try and find your nearest emergency phone.
  • Empty fuel can - sometimes your car will breakdown due to low battery, or it could be due to a mechanical fault. However, if your car breaks down due to running out of fuel, having an empty fuel can or bottle means you can fill it up at your local petrol station and be on your way.
  • A physical road map - if your car has just been jump-started, you may need to limit the use of excess electric to be on the safe side. A road map can be extra helpful in these situations so you can keep the Sat Nav systems turned off and go back to basics.
  • Snacks - keep your energy levels up and spirit levels somewhat high with your favourite backup cereal bars, bottles of water and other snacks.

The best way to prevent breakdowns is to ensure your car is in tip-top condition. You can do this by getting your car regularly checked and serviced.

Worried your car might be on the brink of breakdown or want to ensure it's safe for an upcoming long journey? Contact our local team today, or do not hesitate to pop into your nearest Setyres branch.

Posted on: 06/05/2022

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