European Driving Laws

Many European countries have different laws to those in the UK and driving can be a challenge if you aren’t aware of them!

Before heading abroad make sure that you are aware of important factors including which side of the road you should be driving on, whether speed signs are displayed in kilometres or miles and all road laws.

As a starting point, here are some laws that you should be aware of before driving in Europe.

Carry a Breathalyser in France

It is a legal requirement to carry a self-test breathalyser that has not expired and has been approved by the French Government when driving in France. Whilst there is no fine in place if you are found to be driving without one, it is technically breaking the law so don’t take the risk!

No Beeping in Spain

In Spain it is illegal to use your car horn in built up areas at any time except in case of an emergency. In fact, many European countries have different laws when it comes to where and when you can sound your car horn – make sure you are aware before you go!

Speed is No Limit in Germany

Did you know that many sections of German autobahns actually have no speed limit? Whilst there are signs displaying limits in areas where traffic accidents have occurred, many rural areas have no general limit. Be aware, however, that the recommended speed is 130 km/h and The German Highway Code states that vehicles must only be driven so fast that the car is under control and speeds suit the road, traffic, visibility and weather conditions.

Get a Permit When in Rome

In Rome, and some other Italian city centres, it is illegal to drive without a special permit. This is because these areas are Zona Traffico Limitato (ZTL) – meaning limited traffic zones – to reduce congestion around popular tourist areas. Driving in these areas without the correct permit will land you with a fine.

Don’t Have Lunch on the Go in Cyprus

It is illegal to eat or drink while at the wheel of the car when driving in Cyprus. This includes all food and all drink – even water! Cyprus can get very hot summers so make sure you are hydrated before starting your drive!

Keep Your Lights on in Scandinavia

In Scandinavia it is a legal requirement to use your headlights all the time – even in bright sunlight in the middle of the day! This law was created to ensure that vehicles are always visible – especially in winter where some Scandinavian countries have limited daylight hours!

Have Working Wipers (But Don’t Worry About a Windscreen) in Luxembourg

One of the stranger European driving laws we’ve come across is from Luxembourg where it is illegal to drive without fully operational windscreen wipers, however, it is legal to drive a car without a windscreen.

Keep Your Car Clean in Russia

Driving in Russia this summer? Make sure you keep your car clean – police can impose fines if they believe a car to be dirty! The definition of dirty is up to the officer, so it’s best to ensure that yours is sparking at all times!

Setyres wish all our customers safe motoring this summer!

Posted on: 15/08/2017

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