Road trip this Spring?

Spring has finally arrived and with May bank Holidays and fine weather approaching, so now is as good a time as ever to hit the road for a well deserved break. But before you pack up the car and set off, take a look at our helpful hints on travelling safely in your car this Spring...


First things first: Tyres

  1. Tyre Pressure – The tyre pressure for your car will vary depending on the load. Make sure you check your cars tyre information label to keep your passengers safe as well decreasing your fuel consumption. Find out about the importance of tyre pressure here.
  2. Check the tread depth and condition of your tyres. Use the 20p test to measure your tyre tread and keep an eye out for any obvious signs of damage to your tyres. The last thing you need is a blow out on the motorway due to an unnoticed flaw. More detail can be found on our tyre safety page here. And remember to check your cars spare tyre too.


Wipers, Waters and Windows

  1. Although the sun seems to have finally appeared – make sure you check your wipers are up to scratch. Wiper blades can wear over time and with potentially busy roads the last thing you need on your trip is impaired vision.
  2. Alongside the wipers - screenwash is an essential. Glaring low morning and evening sun can be blinding, but it only takes a spot of rain and a bit of dirty spray on busy roads to cause even more havoc with your vision. Make sure you top up before you head out in the car, water alone won’t clear oily road grime - travel knowing you’re covered for all elements of the British weather.
  3. A quick check of your windscreen never goes amiss – look for minor chips before you set off. A small unnoticed chip can quickly turn into a nasty crack, but can be easily and cheaply repaired if spotted early. Impaired vision and a potential windscreen replacement is not ideal when you’re off for a nice relaxing break. It can also be the cause of your cars MOT test failure.
  4. Before you start up the engine and head off, remember to check your engine coolant level. There’s always a risk of traffic over the bank holiday weeks of the Great British Spring and an overheating car is easily avoidable. Always carry 2litres of water in your vehicle just in case it does overheat.


Other important bits and bobs

  1. Give the oil dipstick a quick check before a long journey. If your car service history is up to speed your oil levels should be fine, but checking regularly is also important. If your car has high oil consumption, it may indicate engine problems so it’s worth checking out regularly. Visit your local Setyres branch if you have any concerns about your cars oil consumption.
  2. Does your car have a tool kit? Most cars come with a basic tool kit consisting of a jack and wheel nut key or tool. For convenience sake, check out the location [which should be shown in your car manual] so you’re aware of what’s there and where it is – just in case. Even if you don’t use them yourself, recovery agencies will need to use your own tyre tools if they need to fit your spare tyres for you.
  3. Make sure you check all your car lights before embarking on a long journey. All the information you need on your cars light bulbs can be found in your cars manual. Remember to check the brake lights, side lights, indicators and main beams. There’s the all important number plate light too. It is an offence to drive at night without a number plate light working which could incur a fine.


If you have any concerns about the safety of your car visit your nearest Setyres branch here for a FREE Spring health check. Our specialists will be happy to help you out with any queries you might have.

Posted on: 26/04/2017

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