Tyre of the Month April 2016 - Yokohama A539

April is generally known as a month which brings unpredictable weather. For this reason, here at Setyres, we have chosen a tyre that excels in both wet and dry conditions without compromising: the Yokohama A539. Building on the high performance of predecessor Yokohama A520, the A539 is a superior tyre which offers superb traction and an excellent braking performance.

Excellent Gripping Capabilities

The Yokohama A539 offers superior levels of grip thanks to its advanced silica compound. This compound, exclusive to Yokohama, features Zeruma which is a special processing agent that allows silica to disperse easily in rubber. This means that the silica is fully utilised and provides excellent gripping capabilities, especially in wet conditions. In addition, its innovative asymmetrical tread design provides firm grip in dry conditions.

High Resistance to Aquaplaning

Constructed with specially shaped grooves, the Yokohama A539 offers an excellent wet performance and enhanced resistance against aquaplaning. This is because the helical grooves offer a drainage effect whilst the wide, straight grooves on the shoulder of the tyre provide excellent water dispersal, especially when cornering.

Stable, Quiet and Comfortable

The Yokohama A539 features high rigidity blocks on the shoulder and this enables the tyre to maintain its structure when cornering, maintaining traction and stability. Scientifically arranged blocks suppress rhythmic noise whilst sub-grooves reduce low-frequency noises, resulting in a quieter ride. Furthermore, the Yokohama A539 is designed with wedge-shaped blocks which deliver gentler contact with the surface of the road, resulting in a more comfortable drive.

Search online to find Yokohama A539 tyres for your car today. Alternatively, you can find your nearest branch and arrange a tyre fitting at a time to suit you. Browse all other Yokohama tyres available from Setyres here.

Posted on: 21/04/2016

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