Tyre of the Month August 2015 - Dunlop Sportmaxx RT

We've chosen the Sportmaxx RT from Dunlop as our tyre of the month this August. This tyre offers a dynamic driving experience thanks to its exceptional motorsports grip and enhanced cornering control. Evo Magazine labelled the tyre 'very recommendable' following wins in their rolling resistance test and price category, proving that the Dunlop Sportmaxx RT is an all-round superior tyre.

Motorsports Grip

Motorsports Grip technology from DunlopThe Dunlop Sportsmaxx RT offers exceptional grip on both wet and dry surfaces due to its adaptive compound technology. This technology uses motorsports derived polymers to adapt to the texture of the road surface which enables maximum road contact and therefore offers an increased, superior grip. This is further benefitted by the use of dual silica compound which enables high grip, superb acceleration performance and wear resistance.

Superior Braking

Braking Technology from DunlopThe adaptive compound technology paired with innovative power braking blocks results in shorter braking distances, especially at high speeds. The power braking blocks have been developed to maintain rigidity when braking force is applied. This helps to ensure optimal road contact when braking and results in shorter braking times at motorway speeds.

Enhanced Handling

Enhanced handling technology from DunlopThe Dunlop Sportsmaxx RT offers an all-round enjoyable driving experience further enhanced by its superb cornering ability. Expect stable and smooth handling even when transitioning from straight to curve. Constructed with massive outer shoulder blocks, this tyre ensures that cornering control is improved. Handling is further enhanced thanks to the asymmetric tread design of the tyre. This tread pattern means that the Dunlop Sportsmaxx RT gives increased resistance to aquaplaning and improved handling on both wet and dry surfaces.

Search online to find Dunlop Sportsmaxx RT tyres for your car today. Alternatively find your nearest branch and arrange a fitting at a time that suits you. View other Dunlop tyres available from Setyres here.

Posted on: 07/08/2015

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