Ultimate Guide to MOT Certificates

As a car owner, every year you are legally obliged to have an annual MOT test to ensure that your car is in good health and not a danger to yourself or other road users. If your vehicle passes this test, you will receive an MOT certificate. Our guide on everything you need to know about MOT certificates will help you to understand this important document.

What is an MOT certificate?

Before we dive into the specifics surrounding an MOT certificate, it is important to understand what an MOT certificate is - and its purpose.

An MOT certificate is given to you after your vehicle passes its MOT. The document confirms that your vehicle met the legal environmental and road safety standards when the test was taken. Your car requires a new MOT certificate every year after its 3rd year on the road.

Your MOT certificate will outline any issues that could potentially cause problems in the future, such as worn-down brake pads, which should prompt you to keep your eye on these potential problem areas. The MOT certificate will be given to you in paper form after your MOT.

How long is an MOT certificate usually valid for?

An MOT certificate is usually valid for one year from the date of your last MOT test. This date will be printed on the certificate, or available to find online. However, you are able to have your certificate renewed up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out whilst retaining the same renewal date. For example, if your renewal date was 22nd June, the earliest you could have an MOT and keep that renewal date would be 23rd May ? if you had your MOT on 22nd May, your new MOT renewal date would be 21st May.

When is it legal to drive without an MOT certificate?

Driving without an MOT certificate is usually not legal - you must have a valid MOT certificate to drive on the roads, at all times. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. You can be on the road, legally, without an MOT certificate if you are:

  • Driving to the MOT centre with proof of an appointment
  • Driving to a test centre for any necessary car repairs after initially failing an MOT

How to get mot certificate if lost?

MOT certificates can easily get lost or even damaged. Whether it be because of a big house move or an accidental spillage, it is understandable that they may often need replacing. But how do you get a replacement MOT certificate?

A replacement MOT certificate is available from GOV.UK, free of charge. Simply enter your registration number and your vehicle's MOT history from the past 10 years will appear, including advisories, defects and passed tests. You can then enter your V5C number, the 11 digit number found in your vehicle log book, to access your old certificates.

If you're not too internet savvy and you'd rather source this manually, any MOT centre, not just the one you had your test at, can provide you with a replacement MOT certificate for a small cost. All you need is your original MOT test number, and your V5C number.

We hope you understand MOT certificates a little better now! Book your MOT test today at your local Setyres Garage or contact one of our friendly experts help you with your MOT and motoring needs.

Posted on: 18/02/2021

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