What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid car combines a fuel engine with an electric motor - this combination allows a significant reduction in the CO2 emissions of the car. With the UK government aiming to become net-zero by 2050, there has been a rise in the popularity of hybrid cars.

There are various types of hybrid vehicles - for example, plug-in hybrids, mild hybrids, and full hybrids, all differing in how they function. Find out about the different types of hybrids and how they function in our helpful guide.

How do hybrid cars work?

Hybrid cars are powered by both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, and the vast majority of hybrids are powered by regenerative braking. The electrical features of the engine allow for the engine to be smaller than it would be on a fuel powered car.

Types of hybrid cars

  • Full hybrid: a full hybrid (HEV) can sometimes be referred to as a parallel hybrid - these cars use both the electric motor and the internal combustion engine. HEV vehicles can be driven in electric-only mode, whereas other types of hybrids are charged by braking and the fuel engine. When a full hybrid is stationary or slowing down, the engine will shut off and run only on electricity.
  • Mild hybrid: these hybrid cars are known as mild hybrid because they tend to have smaller batteries. Despite this, they still rely less on a traditional engine and produce less emissions. Mild hybrids are a good starting point for people who are exploring electrical options for the first time - that being said, mild hybrid cars are known for being less cost-efficient than their other hybrid counterparts.
  • Plug-in hybrid: these hybrid cars have a heavy similarity to most electric vehicles as they mostly rely on the electric motor. Plug-in hybrids only switch to the fuel engine once the car has run out of charge and can drive longer distances on electric power alone.

Switching to a hybrid vehicle is not only fuel-efficient, but it's also a good way to reduce your carbon footprint altogether. Not to mention the price you could potentially save on fuel!

If you have a hybrid car that needs servicing, then do not hesitate to contact our helpful team. Alternatively, pop into a local Setyres branch near you today.

Posted on: 20/01/2022

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