What is a reinforced tyre?

A reinforced tyre is a tyre that has been modified and treated to carry heavier loads than the rating given by the manufacturer. This type of tyre may have been altered to make it reinforced by:

  • Adding higher-strength materials
  • The addition of stronger elements in the tyre
  • The application of protective solutions

Reinforced tyres are usually used for larger vehicles such as vans, trucks and lorries and generally wouldn't be used for an average car.

How to tell if your tyres are reinforced

You can tell if your current tyres are reinforced from the tyre sidewall markings. The writing on a reinforced tyre will usually show either XL or 'Reinf'. In some cases, it may also appear as RFD, RF or EL. However, it is essential to note that RF also stands for run-flat tyre, so try not to get the two mixed up.

Advantages of reinforced tyres

  • Better traction and grip - reinforced tyres are more rigid than regular tyres, which benefits their stability and traction and provides your vehicle with better handling. This comes in especially handy in icier conditions.
  • Off-road driving - if you are used to driving more difficult country roads, reinforced tyres are perfect for you because they give you the stability and grip you need to drive in harder settings.
  • Durability - reinforced tyres are more robust than normal tyres, which affects their lifespan. Reinforced tyres are also less prone to bursting, meaning you will not have to change them as regularly.

What's the difference between reinforced tyres and run-flat tyres?

Run-flat tyres are designed to allow your vehicle to cope when tyres go flat. They work by allowing your tyre to maintain a certain shape, even if a tyre has a hole in it. This means you can continue to drive safely until you find a place to stop. However, they aren't built to cope with certain loads like a reinforced tyre is - these tyres are modified to be super strong and are unlikely to go flat in the first place.

Do I need reinforced tyres?

Reinforced tyres are mainly for heavier vehicles that will have heavier loads. Find out what kind of tyres you do need at Setyres.

If you've noticed your tyres need replacing, contact our friendly team or visit your local Setyres Garage. Alternatively, buy your new tyres online now.

Posted on: 17/02/2022

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