What's the difference between MOT and service?

Time to book in for the annual MOT test? Perhaps your service is due at the same time - financial nightmare, right? However, it's important to book both of these tests in together, if they are due. A common misconception is that an MOT and service check the vehicle for the same things - however, this is not the case. An MOT and service are both very different checks that follow completely separate vehicle guidelines. So, what is the difference between a service and MOT?

What's the difference between a car service and MOT?

What's included in an MOT?

An annual MOT test is required by law on any vehicle that is older than three years from the date of first registration. The checks carried out during an MOT test follow the DVSA's strict criteria, which is set in place to easily identify whether a car is roadworthy or not - hence, passing or failing of the test. The results of this test indicate whether your car is safe to drive against DVSA standards.

What's included in a service?

A car service is a series of maintenance procedures which are carried out on the vehicle to test its running efficiency. Our experts identify any areas that suggest the car is not able to perform optimally while on-road. The main difference between an MOT is that a service is not measured against DVSA guidelines - but measured against each vehicle's specific vehicle manufacturer.

Should I book my MOT and service at the same time?

It is highly recommended to book your MOT test at the same time as your car service. Often, people avoid this as it can be costly to fork out for both at the same time, or they generally may not be aware of the differences and importance of the two. However, booking a service and MOT at the same time is the best way to ensure your car is safe to drive and roadworthy - as the vehicle will be tested against both the DVSA guidelines and the vehicle manufacturer's, too. Having your service and MOT at the same time can also save you running into any further problems later down the line. Of course, your annual MOT and annual service dates may not match up exactly - however, you can always book in for an interim service in the meantime.

Interested in booking your car service and MOT at the same time? Simply select your nearest Setyres centre and book in with one of our trained experts. Find out how long an MOT and service takes from helpful guide. Alternatively, for any further information on MOT and services, get in touch with our specialist team.

Posted on: 20/02/2020

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