When Do I Need an Air Con Top-Up

During summer, many of us rely on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool whilst driving. Without air conditioning, driving in cars on hot days can be unbearable, so it is important to make sure that you are confident your air conditioning is working effectively and won’t let you down on the road!

Air Conditioning is Only Effective for Two Years

The refrigerant gas used in air conditioning systems naturally leaks out over time due to the porous components in the system. As gas pressure drops, so does the efficiency of the air conditioning system and the air may be warm and the air flow weaker than you would expect.

As well as not cooling down your vehicle effectively, your air conditioning system will need to work harder to provide cold air, and this means that it will need to use more fuel.

To keep your air conditioning working effectively, you should have the refrigerant topped up every two years.

Not Part of Car Servicing

Many motorists do not realise that the air conditioning system does not get checked as part of the MOT test or during a routine car service. This is because the air conditioning system is not essential when it comes to the safety of your vehicle, although it is crucial to your comfort in the summer!

Warning Signs!

If it has been over two years since you last had your air conditioning system topped up, you should make an appointment at your local Setyres branch. On top of this, you should have your air conditioning checked if you notice any of the following:

  • The flow of air from your air conditioning is less effective
  • When blowing hot air your air conditioning system emits blasts of cold air
  • Warm air is emitted instead of cold air
  • You are using noticeably more fuel than usual when using your air conditioning
  • You have noticed unpleasant smells coming from your air conditioning system

What to do if your Air Conditioning Breaks Down

If you do leave it too late and find yourself stuck in a car with ineffective air conditioning on a hot day, here are some tips to help cool your vehicle down:

  • Park your car in shaded areas so that the sun doesn’t heat your vehicle
  • Place reflective covers over your windows and windscreens when you are not driving to reflect heat away from the inside of your car
  • Carry bottled water and consider also having frozen bottles of water on hand
  • Drive with the windows open

If you are having problems with your air con book an air conditioning check and top-up at Setyres now, simply contact your local branch to make an appointment.

Posted on: 20/07/2016

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