Why Service Your Car at Brighton & Hove?

Regular car servicing is crucial when it comes to keeping your vehicle and passengers safe on the road! Find out what gets checked during a car service at Setyres Brighton & Hove and learn what it means for your vehicle!

Keep Your Engine Healthy

During a full car service at Setyres Brighton & Hove, we will check that your engine is in good condition and all your engine fluids are filled to a sufficient level. This will help to keep your engine healthy so it runs better and lasts longer.

We will change your oil and replace your oil filter to ensure that your engine remains well lubricated and effective. As your engine is made up of many mechanical, rotating parts, it is important that you have your oil changed as older oil can lose its lubricating qualities which means friction between parts can increase, potentially resulting in wear and expensive engine damage.

For those who like to ensure that their engine is in good condition between servicing, Setyres Brighton & Hove also provide an Oil & Filter Service.

Reduce Chances of a Breakdown

When you have your car serviced at Brighton & Hove, our trained technicians will undertake a comprehensive visual inspection of the condition of your exhaust, brakes, suspension and other vital car components subject to mechanical wear and corrosion.

By checking these vital areas at least once a year during your annual full service (which should be undertaken every 12 months or 12,000 miles – whichever comes sooner), the chances of suffering a breakdown are reduced.

This is due to the fact that any problems can be spotted and diagnosed before they develop into serious or irreparable damage.

If we do find such problems whilst servicing your car, the team at Brighton & Hove will explain the issue and offer a comprehensive quote before undertaking any repairs.

Book a Car Service at Setyres Brighton & Hove!

You can keep your car in good condition and maintain its resale value by undertaking regular servicing.

At Setyres Brighton & Hove we offer a range of car servicing options to suit all vehicles, motorists and budgets.

Book a full, interim or oil & filter service at Setyres Brighton & Hove by calling 01273 973899 and use one of our vouchers to save!

Posted on: 12/08/2016

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