Part Worn Tyres

What are Part Worn Tyres?

Part worn tyres are tyres that have previously been used but for whatever reason have been removed from the vehicle and are still deemed as usable.

The source of part worn tyres could be a written-off vehicle with undamaged tyres, a scrap yard or from some parts of Europe, where tyres are deemed illegal when tread drops below 3mm.

It is impossible to know the full history and source of any part worn tyre, which is partly what makes it so dangerous.

Are Part Worn Tyres Cheaper?

When you are buying tyres outright, part worn tyres are definitely the cheaper option, however, this is a false economy!

When you purchase new tyres, you are buying approximately 8mm of usable tyre tread whereas part worn tyres could have as little as 2mm. This means that per usable millimetre of tread, the part worn tyres come in at a higher cost!

In addition, low tread depth equals a low tyre life and you will need to replace part worn tyres much more rapidly than brand new tyres. This means that part worn tyres will add up to the most expensive option in the long term.

Part Worn Tyres and the Law

The buying and selling of part worn tyres is legal but it is highly regulated. These are some of the legal requirements involved with the sale of part worn tyres:

  • The structural integrity of the tyre must not be compromised
  • Tyres must be free of large cuts, bulges and lumps, both externally and internally
  • The original grooves must be clearly visible
  • Tyre tread must be at a minimum of 2mm

Although this legislation has been designed to ensure that the sale and use of part worn tyres is safe, a study by TyreSafe revealed that 98% of part worn tyres are sold illegally and so may not meet the required safety regulations.

The Dangers of Part Worn Tyres

One of the biggest dangers associated with part worn tyres is that they may contain damage that cannot be seen by the human eye. Damage may have occurred to the internal structure of the tyre and driving on a tyre with this type of damage is highly dangerous. TyreSafe found that 34% of the part worn tyres in their study contained potentially dangerous forms of damage.

Another concern, is the low level of tyre tread part worn tyres are usually sold with. Although the legal limit for tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, tyres with tread lower than 3mm provide significantly reduced gripping capabilities. This means longer braking distances and reduced levels of safety in wet conditions.

Tyres that are worn cannot provide the same short braking distances on wet roads as new tyres

At Setyres we strongly advise against fitting part worn tyres to your vehicle due to the hidden dangers they may pose. For more information on part worn tyres contact your local Setyres branch. Alternatively, you can purchase new car tyres from Setyres.