Summer Tyres

Buy your Summer Tyres Online from Setyres When deciding what tyres are best suited for your car, you should consider the seasonal conditions in the UK, your driving style and your vehicle performance preferences. Until the seasonal release of the winter tyre, summer tyres were simply standard car tyres. Many motorists still chose to use these tyres all year round, whereas some choose to replace them for winter tyres during the colder months to increase performance and safety.

Why Buy Summer Tyres?

Since the launch of the winter tyre and its specialist cold weather technology, it has been identified that the construction and make-up of summer/standard tyres are best suited for use in temperatures above 7°c and this is where their properties really allow them to excel. Hence the change in name from ‘standard’ to ‘summer’ tyres.

Summer tyres are made with a soft compound that makes them ideal for use in warmer temperatures. This soft compound tends to sieze and stiffen in lower temperatures. This then affects their performance and the control drivers have over their in temperatures below 7°c.

Advanced Aquaplaning Resistance

Regardless of their poor performance when the temperature drops, summer tyres actually offer better performance in wet conditions than any other seasonal tyre. The unique tread patterns that a summer tyre sports, helps to quickly dispel water from the tyres contact patch and resist hydroplaning. So whereas a summer tyre will offer inadequate snow traction, it will use its specialist features instead, to provide brilliant damp-road traction and offer drivers complete responsiveness in wet conditions.

Speed and Performance

Built for speed and agility, spring and summer bring about the perfect conditions for maximising the potential of a summer tyre. Usually featuring less grooving in its tread pattern, this allows a summer tyre to maximise the amount of rubber in contact with the road. This increased contact patch gives drivers increased road holding and excellent grip. Very much suited to high performance cars, summer tyres offer increased responsiveness, cornering and braking capabilities. The specialist compounds combined with the specialised tread patterns, mean driving precision can be refined and improved for all drivers in the warmer seasons, maximising safety too.

At Setyres we stock a wide range of summer, winter and all season tyres available for fitment at your local Setyres branch. Simply use our online tyre search tool to find the best seasonal tyres for your vehicle.

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