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Types of Tyre

There are a wide range of tyres available and this can become confusing when it comes to choosing new tyres for your vehicle.

Tyres are manufactured specifically for different vehicles, such as 4x4s, vans or cars. They may also have different tread patterns so that they can provide an optimal seasonal performance.

Before selecting new tyres for your vehicle, take a look at the different tyres available and choose tyres best suited to your driving style and requirements.

To provide enhanced traction and grip on difficult winter surfaces winter tyres have deep grooves and a large number of sipes

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres have been designed with a large number of grooves and sipes to offer greater traction and grip on snowy, icy and wet surfaces. They are optimised to remain flexible when temperatures drop to provide safety. Find out more about winter tyres.

A specialist tread design enables summer tyres to provide enhanced aquaplaning resistance and excellent performance when temperatures are above 7°c

Summer Tyres

Also known as standard tyres, summer tyres are designed to offer high levels of performance and are optimised to cope in temperatures above 7°c. They have a softer rubber compound to enhance stability and grip and they sport a tread pattern that provides resistance against aquaplaning. Read more about summer tyres.

Designed with both summer and winter tyre technology, all season tyres deliver a compromised performance in all conditions

All Season Tyres

All season tyres are constructed using a combination of summer and winter tyre technology. They provide an adequate performance in all seasonal conditions, however they are not optimised for summer or winter in the same way as dedicated seasonal tyres. Find out more about all season tyres.

Part worn tyres often contain dangerous forms of damage that aren't always visible

Part Worn Tyres

Considering purchasing part worn tyres for your vehicle? Whilst legal in the UK, 98% of part worn tyres are sold illegally and the majority of tyres sold contain highly dangerous forms of damage. Find out more about part worn tyres.

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Budget Tyres

Debating buying budget or premium manufacturer tyres for your vehicle? Make sure you take all factors into consideration before you make your purchase. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of using budget tyres.

Thanks to a thick, reinforced sidewall, run flat tyres enable you to continue driving following a puncture

Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres have been designed to protect your safety on the road if you suffer a puncture whilst driving. They have thicker, reinforced sidewalls than that of regular tyres and this enables them to be driven on for a short distance following a puncture. Find out more about run flat tyres.

Energy saving tyres are designed to lower emissions and fuel consumption

Energy Saving Tyres

Energy saving tyres are tyres that have been built specifically to have low levels of rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption, resulting in better fuel economy for motorists and a decrease in the associated CO2 emissions. Most major tyre manufacturers create energy saving tyres which have been designed to lower fuel consumption. Find out more about energy saving tyres.

Designed with specialist tyre compounds and optimised tyre tread designs, high performance tyres deliver excellent characteristics for high speed driving

High Performance Tyres

High performance tyres are tyres that have been optimised to provide quick response, enhanced grip and the ability to cope with high speed. These tyres are created by premium manufacturers which have derived extensive research and technology from their time in the motorsport segment. Find out more about high performance tyres.

Different tyre tread patterns provide advantages to suit differing driving needs

Tyre Patterns

Although they may look very similar, tyres are manufactured with varying prints and patterns to meet different driver needs. Each tyre pattern has its own safety and performance advantages and it is important that you choose one that best suits your specifications. Find out more about tyre patterns.