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UK Tyre Law

When it comes to car tyres there are some strict laws enforced in the UK. To avoid potential fines and to ensure that your tyres are safe, here is your guide to keeping your tyres legal.

Tyres Must Be Fit For Purpose

When you buy new tyres it is important that they are fit for the purpose of your vehicle, which means that they must be the correct size for your vehicle and have a load index and speed rating which correlate to your vehicle. You can find this information on the sidewall of your tyre.

As well as correctly matching the purpose of your vehicle, all your tyres must be compatible with each other. This means that if you have to use different tyres you need to make sure that they meet strict regulations.

Mixing tyres from different manufacturers is allowed as long as they all meet the vehicle type, however, you cannot fit tyres that are of different construction to opposite sides of the same axle. Take a look in your vehicle handbook or visit your local Setyres branch if you require further guidance.

Tyres Must Be Maintained

For safety reasons, it is also recommended that you keep your tyres inflated to the tyre pressure outlined by your vehicle manufacturer. You can find this information in your vehicle handbook or on the inside edge of the driver’s door.

You must also check for any signs of tyre damage and not drive on a tyre that has a cut or tear larger than 25mm or has any part of the ply or cord exposed.

It is also a legal requirement that your tyre tread does not wear below 1.6mm. This law is in place to keep you safe on the road as tyres with tread depth below 3mm and under, offer seriously reduced gripping capabilities resulting in longer braking distances and less resistance against aquaplaning.

If You Carry a Spare Tyre

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to carry a spare tyre with you, there are laws governing spare tyres if you do choose to.

Like all your other tyres, you must also ensure that your spare tyre is maintained sufficiently. This means that it must have no visual signs of damage and its tread depth must reach the legal minimum of 1.6mm.

If you are considering investing in a spare tyre for your vehicle, take a look at our guide to see which tyre replacement solution is best suited for you.

For further information on keeping your tyres legal, contact your local Setyres branch where one of our specialists will be happy to offer further guidance.

You can also make an appointment for a free tyre check if you are in doubt as to whether or not your tyres meet legal requirements.

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