Why Service your Car?

Regular car servicing is essential when it comes to maintaining your vehicle and keeping it in good condition. Having your vehicle serviced can help to prolong its life, improve fuel economy and prevent the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Is servicing different from an MOT?

Many motorists overlook the importance of a service as they believe it to be the same as an MOT, however this is not the case. An MOT test checks that your vehicle is roadworthy and all vehicles over three years old must obtain an MOT certificate every year. Car servicing is not a legal requirement, however, it does check that the mechanical components of your vehicle are performing effectively and could prevent an MOT test fail or a breakdown.

The benefits of regular car servicing

During a car service, the technician will check all the parts of your vehicle which are susceptible to wear and could be at risk from deteriorating. This includes your engine, brakes, fluid levels and steering amongst more.

Keeping the components of your car healthy will reduce the risk of them failing when you least expect it and therefore your risk of breaking down is reduced.

If the technician undertaking your service finds that any components are worn or damaged, they will be able to repair and replace them before it is too late, so you do not cause further damage to your vehicle.

Regular car servicing can also improve your fuel efficiency. When your oil and other essential engine fluids are replaced, the engine can run efficiently, ultimately lowering your fuel consumption.

In addition, if you maintain the service history of your vehicle, you are maintaining its future sale value.

The value of servicing

Car servicing may seem expensive initially, however, this is a fraction of the price of replacing components of your vehicle. For example, having a gear box replaced can cost upwards of £1,500.

Instead of looking at the cost, think of servicing as preserving the value of your vehicle and safeguarding yourself against large future repair bills.

How often should I get my car serviced?

You should have a full car service every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first to maintain the health and condition of your vehicle.

If you tend to use your vehicle frequently for long journeys, you should also consider an interim service in between.

Furthermore, having an oil and filter change every 12 months (if this is not completed during a full or interim service) will ensure that your vehicle is running and performing efficiently.

Keep your vehicle in good condition and book it in for a car service at your local Setyres branch.

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