Winter Tyres

Many drivers overestimate the capabilities of their tyres during cold winter weather and conditions such as ice and snow. Whilst it is not a legal requirement in the UK to fit winter tyres to your vehicle, they provide a much safer performance when temperatures drop than summer tyres can.

Why buy winter tyres?

Winter Tyres Braking

Summer tyres, also known as standard tyres, are not designed to cope with cold temperatures and difficult weather conditions and so the performance that they offer will be limited. Winter tyres are constructed with a specialist rubber compound, containing high silica content, which enables them to remain supple when temperatures drop – unlike summer tyres which will stiffen up. This optimal softness means that winter tyres retain high levels of grip when you need it most.

Winter tyres will also be designed with a specialist tread pattern containing an optimal amount of sipes which allow the tyre to bite in to snow and ice to deliver higher stability and shorter braking distances.

Due to the use of specialist grooves, winter tyres also deliver enhanced safety on freezing and thawing roads as they optimally evacuate water from the tyre to resist aquaplaning.

Do I Really Need Winter Tyres?

If you live in a remote area or regularly experience low temperatures and snowfall during winter then winter tyres would be a good investment for your safety on the road.

Winter tyres may seem an expensive option as you will need to store your summer tyres when not in use and they are also a hassle as you will need to arrange a tyre fitting every six months to seasonally switch your tyres. Although, you should be aware that two sets of tyres will last twice as long as one set, so it is not necessarily a substantially more expensive option.

Choosing Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres Snowflake

If you decide that winter tyres are the right choice for you and your vehicle, you will need to swap all your tyres. Fitting only two winter tyres will affect the stability and handling of your vehicle and this could be dangerous.

You should ensure that your new winter tyres are marked with the official winter tyres symbol – which is the Snowflake on the Mountain marking.

Choosing new tyres can be overwhelming so Setyres would recommend speaking to a specialist who can provide further guidance. Simply contact your local Setyres branch for information.

At Setyres we stock a wide range of winter, summer and all season tyres available for fitment at your local Setyres branch. Simply use our online tyre search tool to find the best seasonal tyres for your vehicle. Alternatively, you can find out more about the winter tyres available from leading tyre manufacturers at Setyres.

Winter conditions can be hazardous on the road, for further guidance take a look at our winter driving advice.