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The clutch in your vehicle is a mechanical device which connects two or more rotating shafts, in most manual cars this means the shafts which turns the wheels and the shaft which comes from the engine. The clutch enables the shafts to rotate independently from one another, enabling you to safely change speed, switch gear or come to a stop without turning off the engine.

The most common problems with car clutches include wear, leaks, low fluid and air in the hydraulic line. Signs that you might have an issue with your car clutch include:

Identifying Problems with your Clutch

  • Difficulty changing gear
  • Rattling or grinding sounds when changing gear
  • Inability to engage in gear
  • Vibration or juddering when pulling away from stationary
  • A burning smell

Free Car Clutch Inspection

If you have noticed any of these signs or suspect that you have a problem with your car clutch visit one of the following Setyres branches for a FREE Car Clutch Inspection. Our trained specialists will inspect the condition of your clutch with no obligation.

We offer Car Clutch Services at the following branches:

Clutch Replacement

Setyres supply a range of car clutches to suit all makes and models of cars at competitive prices if you find that your clutch is damaged and requires replacement.

Look After Your Clutch

Car clutches will last for longer if you take some positive steps in looking after them. These include:

  • Do not keep the clutch pedal pushed or partially pushed down when it is not in use
  • Switch in to neutral and apply the handbrake when waiting at traffic lights or stopping for a short period
  • Change gear quickly
  • Don’t dip the clutch deliberately to avoid changing gear
  • Don’t use the clutch to avoid using your brakes