Can I tax my car without an MOT?

Taxing your car without an MOT is illegal and could invalidate your insurance policy. Whilst your car tax and MOT may seem unrelated, there's a reason why your MOT is important for your car tax.

Vehicle tax is also known as 'road tax' because the tax is not used for road maintenance. This tax is known as an 'excise duty' which effectively means it is a tax on services that are considered damaging to the environment or consumer health. Many electric cars, for instance, have a reduction on the vehicle tax they pay - this is because they emit lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

The condition of the roads is the responsibility of the local council and the Department of Transport. This is why, when you pay your road tax, you need an MOT certificate, as the test also considers the environmental impact your car has which is factored into the road tax you pay.

Do I still have to pay road tax if my car hasn't passed its mot?

You must book an MOT for your car every year at a certified garage to make sure your car fits the legal driving standards. If your vehicle doesn't pass the legal requirements, you must get any motoring issues fixed before getting back on the roads.

However, if your car fails its MOT, you can reclaim your unused road tax. You still have to pay tax in the months when your car had a valid MOT certificate, but nothing after this.

Do I need a valid MOT certificate to renew my insurance?

This depends on your insurance policy - most insurances will lose their validation if you drive without an MOT, which means you are breaking the law twice. However, if not having an MOT at the time of your claim does not affect your policy, it will be up to the insurer to conduct their investigation and decide whether they wish to accept your claim.

Don't risk breaking the law and getting fined - pop into your local Setyres garage to book your MOT today. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful team.

Posted on: 04/05/2022

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