Tyre of the Month: Advan Sport V105

While the warm weather still creeps into September, our Tyre of the Month is able to withstand warmer weather whilst tackling wet surfaces with precision and control. Meet the Advan Sport V105 from Yokohama.

Tyres designed for premium vehicles

Excellent capability in wet weather

Built with excellent wet weather capabilities, this tyre has been designed with a specially constructed tread pattern - featuring an increased number of grooves. These grooves work tirelessly to retain grip on wet surfaces, and expel water - maximising wet weather performance throughout the season.

Superior sports performance

Designed for premium vehicles, this summer tyre is built with high-rigidity wide shoulders - enabling the Advan Sport V105 to achieve superior stability and control. Even at high speed, this tyre has you covered. Additionally, a chemically blended polymer in the tyre compound provides the ultimate resistance against wear for long tyre life.

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Posted on: 10/09/2019

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