Tyre of the Month: Avon ZT5

With a modern pattern making it perfect for everyday use, it's clear why Avon's ZT5 tyre is July's Tyre of the Month. From its excellent all-round performance to its superior wet weather capabilities, learn more about this trusted summer tyre now.

The everyday use tyre you can depend on

A comfortable driving experience

Designed for passenger cars, this is the perfect tyre to accommodate the whole family. Whether it's taking road trips away for the summer holidays or general everyday use, feel suitably relaxed and taken care of with Avon ZT5 tyres.

And with Avon's innovative pitch control technology, noise levels will be kept to a minimum - adding to the all-round comfortable driving experience.

Superior wet weather capabilities

Thanks to the addition of three wide circumferential grooves which are situated on the tyre tread, this tyre can provide effective action against wet surfaces. These grooves rapidly evacuate water away from the tyre - resulting in a superior resistance against aquaplaning.

As well as effectively cruising on wet surfaces, you can rely on these tyres during any summer weather condition - offering all-round performance you can trust.

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Posted on: 12/07/2019

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