• Tyre of the Month November: Dunlop SP WinterSport M3

    We have chosen the Dunlop SP Wintersport M3 as our tyre of the month this November, thanks to its excellent traction on winter surfaces and high levels of safety when temperatures drop. This tyre offers a premium performance and is also available as a RunOnFlat. Enhanced Traction in Snow Constructed with high density sipes on the tyre tread, the Dunlop SP WinterSport M3 works to bite t . . .

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    Posted on: 06/11/2017

  • Demisting Your Windscreen in Winter

    Your car windscreen is more likely to mist up in winter as water vapour is created when your body heat interacts with the cold air inside the vehicle, increasing the amount of moisture in the air. This causes condensation which can sit on your windscreen and windows, obstructing your view. It is important that you clear your windscreen before setting off on any journeys. Take a look at our help . . .

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    Posted on: 01/11/2017

  • Tyre of the Month October 2017: Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 2

    This October, we have named the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 2 as our tyre of the month. Delivering excellent handling and high levels of safety in cold conditions, this tyre is a superior choice as temperatures begin to drop. Enhanced Aquaplaning Resistance Designed with an optimised tread pattern featuring hydrodynamic grooves, the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 2 works to rapidly . . .

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    Posted on: 21/10/2017

  • Driving in Wet Conditions

    Wet conditions make roads slippery, reduce your visibility and decrease your gripping capabilities, so no wonder many motorists find the prospect of rain daunting! When rain strikes, it is important that you modify your driving style to keep yourself and passengers safe. Take a look at our helpful advice and make sure you are driving as safely as possible in wet weather conditions. . . .

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    Posted on: 16/10/2017

  • Tyre Safety Month 2017: Check Your Tyre Pressure

    October is Tyre Safety Month and this year organisers TyreSafe are focusing on the importance of checking your tyre pressures every three weeks and before any long journeys you undertake. Why is Tyre Pressure Important? Tyre pressure affects your handling, grip and braking distance so it is vital for your tyre safety. When tyres are under inflated the part of the tyre intended to touch t . . .

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    Posted on: 01/10/2017

  • Tyre of the Month September 2017: Yokohama BluEarth-A AE-50

    This September we have chosen the superior Yokohama BluEarth-A AE-50 as our tyre of the month. This tyre provides exceptional gripping capabilities in wet conditions and reliable handling, resulting in a safe and comfortable driving experience. Superior Wet Performance Designed with specialist grooves that are optimally shaped like lightning bolts in varying sizes, this tyre works to evacu . . .

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    Posted on: 21/09/2017