• Tyre Safety Month 2017: Check Your Tyre Pressure

    October is Tyre Safety Month and this year organisers TyreSafe are focusing on the importance of checking your tyre pressures every three weeks and before any long journeys you undertake. Why is Tyre Pressure Important? Tyre pressure affects your handling, grip and braking distance so it is vital for your tyre safety. When tyres are under inflated the part of the tyre intended to touch t . . .

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    Posted on: 01/10/2017

  • Tyre of the Month September 2017: Yokohama BluEarth-A AE-50

    This September we have chosen the superior Yokohama BluEarth-A AE-50 as our tyre of the month. This tyre provides exceptional gripping capabilities in wet conditions and reliable handling, resulting in a safe and comfortable driving experience. Superior Wet Performance Designed with specialist grooves that are optimally shaped like lightning bolts in varying sizes, this tyre works to evacu . . .

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    Posted on: 21/09/2017

  • Tyre of the Month August 2017: Uniroyal RainExpert 3

    August can unfortunately often bring wet conditions, so we have chosen the Uniroyal RainExpert 3 as our tyre of the month. Famous for inventing the rain tyre, Uniroyal are known for their dedication to wet weather safety and the RainExpert 3 provides high levels of performance when conditions are wet. Superior Grip Designed with an asymmetric tread pattern and a specially developed tread c . . .

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    Posted on: 23/08/2017

  • European Driving Laws

    Many European countries have different laws to those in the UK and driving can be a challenge if you aren’t aware of them! Before heading abroad make sure that you are aware of important factors including which side of the road you should be driving on, whether speed signs are displayed in kilometres or miles and all road laws. As a starting point, here are some laws that you should be aware o . . .

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    Posted on: 15/08/2017

  • Tyre of the Month July 2017: Pirelli P Zero Nero GT

    Due to its excellent handling capabilities and sporty performance, we have chosen the Pirelli P Zero Nero GT as our July tyre of the month. This ultra-high performance tyre provides safety in wet and dry conditions without sacrificing the sports feel, making it an ideal choice for dynamic drivers. Superior Handling Capabilities Designed with an asymmetric tread pattern featuring wide continu . . .

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    Posted on: 24/07/2017

  • Tyre of the Month June 2017: Michelin Pilot Super Sport

    This June we have chosen the superior Michelin Pilot Super Sport as our tyre of the month. Providing exceptional safety in wet conditions and superior dry handling capabilities, this tyre is ideal for unpredictable summer weather conditions. Excellent Gripping Capabilities Constructed with a specialist variable contact patch, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport provides optimal grip to the surfac . . .

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    Posted on: 15/06/2017