• How to Deal with Potholes

    Last year's bad weather had a damaging effect on the state of our roads, and with another freezing winter ahead of us, it looks like we can expect even more potholes to form. Potholes in the road can cause major damage to vehicles from offsetting your wheel alignment to more serious tyre damage so it is important that you are aware of what damage they can cause and what you can do about it. . . .

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    Posted on: 16/10/2018

  • Tyre of the Month October: Avon ZV7

    This October we have named the superb Avon ZV7 as our tyre of the month thanks to its high levels of performance and excellent safety. This tyre achieves excellent wet grip capabilities and superb resistance for high levels of safety in wet weather conditions. Excellent Wet Weather Capabilities The Avon ZV7 is designed with a specialist tread pattern featuring continuous central grooves . . .

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    Posted on: 11/10/2018

  • Tyre Safety Month 2018

    October is Tyre Safety Month and if you don't already, it's a perfect opportunity to get yourself in to good habits! For 2018's campaign from TyreSafe, the importance of checking your tyres once a month, every month has been outlined. Check Your Tyres Once a Month Every Month Checking your tyres thoroughly once a month is vital to ensure that your tyres are in good condition and will keep you saf . . .

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    Posted on: 01/10/2018

  • Tyre of the Month September: Uniroyal RainSport 3 SUV

    September can often bring rain and wet conditions on the road, which is why we have chosen the superior Uniroyal RainSport 3 SUV as our tyre of the month. Designed for SUVs, this tyre provides enhanced safety and performance on wet surfaces. The Uniroyal RainSport 3 SUV also achieves excellent handling capabilities and superb levels of grip. Enhanced Aquaplaning Resistance The Uniroyal RainSpor . . .

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    Posted on: 14/09/2018

  • Tyre of the Month August: Toyo Proxes CF2

    Achieving high levels of performance without sacrificing efficiency, the Toyo Proxes CF2 has been named our tyre of the month this August. The Toyo Proxes CF2 is optimal for summer driving and best suited to medium to high powered cars. Wet Weather Capabilities The Toyo Proxes CF2 delivers high leve . . .

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    Posted on: 03/08/2018

  • Tyre of the Month July: Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT 2

    We have named the superior Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT 2 as our tyre of the month this July. Designed to achieve superb grip and enhanced steering precision, this tyre is an ideal choice for driving enthusiasts. Named ‘exemplary’ by Auto Bild, Germany’s leading automotive publication, in 2017, the Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT 2 is renowned for its high levels of performance and safety across the i . . .

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    Posted on: 12/07/2018