• Tyre of the Month November 2016: Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D

    As winter draws closer, we have chosen the superior Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D as our November tyre of the month. Designed for high performance cars, the Dunlop WinterSport 4D provides superb handling and exceptional gripping capabilities when temperatures begin to drop. Exceptional Performance on Winter Surfaces Constructed with a unique tread pattern design and innovative high grip materials . . .

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    Posted on: 21/11/2016

  • Tyre of the Month October 2016: Uniroyal RainSport 3

    October can be a wet month, so we have chosen the superior RainSport 3 from Uniroyal, inventors of the rain tyre, as our tyre of the month. Winner of the prestigious product design award from reddot in 2014, the Uniroyal RainSport 3 is an innovative tyre which provides a superior performance in all wet conditions. Aquaplaning Resistance The Uniroyal RainSport 3 has been designed with a unique . . .

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    Posted on: 19/10/2016

  • 10 Tyre Checks to Keep you Safe this Tyre Safety Month

    Make sure your tyres are legal and safe this Tyre Safety Month with our top 10 checks. 1. Tyre Tread Depth Tyre tread is the patterned rubber which covers your tyre and over time, it will begin to wear away. A tyre will start its life with roughly 8mm of tread and are deemed illegal once they reach 1.6mm. If you are caught driving on tyres that do not meet this legal requirement you could face . . .

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    Posted on: 14/10/2016

  • Will your Tyres Fail your MOT?

    September is one of the busiest months for MOTs, but unfortunately a large number of vehicles fail the MOT first time around. But what can fail an MOT? And are my tyres legal? According to the DVSA, 10% of MOT fails were due to tyres ? and as one of the easiest parts of your vehicle to check and replace, this is an MOT fail that could be avoided! Take a look at our helpful tips and MOT tyre regul . . .

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    Posted on: 21/09/2016

  • Tyre of the Month September 2016: Hankook Kinergy 4S (H740)

    September weather conditions are unpredictable and varying, we could have high temperatures, flooding or the first signs of frost. Due to this, we have chosen the reliable all season Kinergy 4S (H740) from Hankook as our tyre of the month. All Season Performance Developed with a specialist tread featuring two different sipe patterns, the Hankook Kinergy 4S (H740) provides traction and performa . . .

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    Posted on: 16/09/2016

  • Tyre of the Month August 2016: Bridgestone Ecopia EP150

    This August, we have chosen the Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 as our tyre of the month. Providing high levels of fuel efficiency and great traction and handling in wet conditions, the Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 is a superior tyre choice and has earnt recommendations from ADAC, the largest automobile club in Europe. Efficient and Eco Friendly As part of Bridgestone’s Ecopia range, the EP150 offers . . .

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    Posted on: 15/08/2016